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These are all mp3 files. They have been transferred by myself from original 78s in my own collection. You should have something on your computer already which will play these.  The files are listed alphabetically by artist. Within each artist the titles are listed by recording date, (though sometimes grouped by record label).

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PLEASE NOTE: These are for your own listening pleasure only. Please respect this and DON'T sell them or put them up elsewhere (without my permission) or pass them off as your own files.
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Date updated Artist
Oct. 3, 2015 Edgar Jackson & his Band and The Krakajax
June 28, 2015 Alan Green & his Band and Hatchett's Swingtette
May 14, 2015 Embassy Rhythm Eight, Clive Erard & his Band, Len Fillis & his Orch., Vic Filmer & his Band
Feb. 12, 2015 Percy Chandler & his Band and (Jack) Derrick's Band
Jan. 9, 2015 Lou Abelardo & his Orchestra and Philip Brown & his Band

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Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Lou Abelardo Oct. 3, 1930 With My Guitar And You Lou Abelardo Decca F-1996
  Oct. 3, 1930 I Don't Mind Walking In The Rain Lou Abelardo Decca F-1996
  Oct. 23, 1930 Living A Life Of Dreams Lou Abelardo Decca F-2032
  Oct. 23, 1930 Nobody Cares If I'm Blue Lou Abelardo Decca F-2032
Alfredo Mar. 1928 Is She My Girl Friend? Les Allen Radio 825
  c. May 31, 1928 Sunshine Les Allen Radio 861
  c. July 25, 1928 Singapore Sorrows Les Allen Radio 875
  c. Oct. 8, 1928 Lila Bobby Sanders Radio 884
  Dec. 1928 Laughing Marionette   Radio 911
  Jan. 25, 1929 Virginia Eddie Grossbart & Les Allen Radio 925
  c. Mar. 1, 1929 I'm Sorry, Sally Eddie Grossbart & Les Allen + 1 Radio 958
  c. Apr. 29, 1929 Sweetheart Of All My Dreams Les Allen & Eddie Grossbart + 1 Radio 976
  June 27, 1929 Huggable, Kissable You Eddie Collis & trio Radio 1222
  June 28, 1929 Glorianna Eddie Collis Radio 1282
  Sep. 1929 Am I Blue?   Eddie Grossbart Radio 1248
  c. Sep. 30, 1929 Why Can't You? Hal Swain Radio 1270
  Oct. 1929 I've Never Seen A Smile Like Yours Joe Lee Radio 1262
  Dec. 1929 To Be In Love (Espesh'lly With You) Eddie Collis Radio 1290
  Jan. 1930 Turn On The Heat Eddie Collis Radio 1299
  c. Mar. 18, 1930 Now I'm In Love Harry Jacobson Radio 1318
  Apr. 1930 Singing In The Bath-Tub Hal Swain Radio 1331
  May 1930 Blondy Hal Swain Radio 1353
  c. May 26, 1930 Body And Soul Sam Browne Radio 1348
  June 1930 On The Sunny Side Of The Street Eddie Grossbart Radio 1375
  c. Oct. 6, 1930 Here Comes Emily Brown Eddie Grossbart Radio 1411
Ambrose c. Apr.3, 1923 China Boy, Go Sleep Columbia 3285
  c. Apr.3 1923 My Buddy   Columbia 3285
  c. Apr.6, 1923 Rose Of The Rio Grande   Columbia 3283
  c. Apr.6, 1923 Dumbell (intro: Jennie)   Columbia 3283
  Apr.1927 The Birth Of The Blues Hamilton Sisters & Fordyce Brunswick 105
  Apr.1927 My Heart Stood Still Hamilton Sisters & Fordyce Brunswick 105
  Apr.1927 One Summer Night Hamilton Sisters & Fordyce Brunswick 107
  Apr.1927 Possibly Hamilton Sisters & Fordyce Brunswick 107
  July 1927 Take Your Finger Out Of Your Mouth   Brunswick 108
  Nov.13, 1928 'S Wonderful   Brunswick 199
  Nov.13, 1928 Roll Away, Clouds   Brunswick 199
  Mar. 8, 1933 Sweetheart Sam Browne Brunswick 1488
  May 5, 1933 Stormy Weather Sam Browne Brunswick 01523
  May 5, 1933 You've Got Me Crying Again Elsie Carlisle Brunswick 01523
  Oct.5, 1933 Dinner At Eight Sam Browne Brunswick 01606
  Oct.14, 1933 Night And Day Sam Browne Brunswick 01609
  Oct.14, 1933 After You, Who? Sam Browne Brunswick 01609
  Nov.2. 1933 Love Locked Out Sam Browne Brunswick 01624
  Nov.2. 1933 I've Got You On My Mind Sam Browne Brunswick 01623
  Nov.2. 1933 Happy And Contented Sam Browne Brunswick 01624
  Dec.19, 1933 My Hat's On The Side Of My Head Sam Browne Brunswick 01662
  Dec.19, 1933 You Ought To See Sally On Sunday Sam Browne Brunswick 01660
  Feb.2, 1934 Oceans Of Time Sam Browne Brunswick 01695
  Mar. 8, 1934 Because It's Love Sam Browne Brunswick 01729
  May 30, 1934 Cupid Sam Browne Brunswick 01789
  June 12, 1934 When You Climb Those Golden Stairs Sam Browne and chorus Brunswick 01788
  Oct.23, 1934 Two Hearts On A Tree Sam Browne Decca F-5223
  Nov.20, 1934 I'm Gonna Wash My Hands Of You Sam Browne and Elsie Carlisle Decca F-5318
  Jan. 3, 1935 My Kid's A Crooner Elsie Carlisle Decca F-5393
  Jan. 11, 1935 When Day Is Done Sam Browne & chorus Decca K-745
  May 23, 1935 You're The Top Sam Browne Decca F-5539
  May 30, 1935 Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart Sam Browne Decca F-5571
  July 30, 1935 Copenhagen   Decca F-5696
  Nov.5, 1935 I Can Wiggle My Ears Jack Cooper Decca F-5778
  Aug.15, 1936 Crazy With Love Jack Cooper Decca F-6242
  Sep.10, 1936 Until The Real Thing Comes Along Jack Cooper Decca F-6089
  June 18, 1937 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off Sam Browne & Evelyn Dall Decca F-6425
  July 8, 1937 Cotton Pickers' Congregation Chorus Decca F-6458
  Oct.27, 1938 Goodbye To Summer Denny Dennis Decca F-6856
  Feb.28, 1939 Hullabaloo   Decca F-7137
  Jan. 17, 1941 Just One Of Those Things Sam Browne Decca F-7702
  Nov.12, 1941 It's A Small World Anne Shelton Decca F-8027

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Bertini May 8. 1933 Goodnight, But Not Goodbye Sam Browne Eclipse 433
  June 8, 1933 You Filled My Heart With Sunshine Tom Barratt Eclipse 464
  July 20, 1933 Drifting Down the Shalimar Cavan O'Connor Eclipse 479
  Aug.16, 1933 Dance Your Blues Away Cavan O'Connor Eclipse 497
  Sep.10, 1933 Trouble In Paradise Dan Donovan Eclipse 543
  Oct.30, 1933 As Long As I'm With You Jack Plant Eclipse 565
  Dec.11, 1933 Roaming Sam Browne Eclipse 588
  Jan. 8, 1934 Just A Little More Dan Donovan Eclipse 617
  Apr.9, 1934 Just Around The Corner Harry Bentley Eclipse 674
  Apr.9, 1934 Night On the Water Harry Bentley Eclipse 687
  May 22, 1934 When You've Got A Little Springtime In Your Heart Maurice Elwin Eclipse 750
  June 28, 1934 I'll Find You Wherever You Are Leslie Douglas Eclipse 763
  Aug.14, 1934 All I Do Is Dream Of You Donald Peers Eclipse 782
  Sep.24, 1934 Take A Ride On A Sunbeam Jack Knowles Eclipse 809
  Nov.1934 I Only Have Eyes For You Sam Browne Eclipse 880
  Feb.1935 Back To Those Happy Days Donald Peers Eclipse 946
Harry Bidgood May 11, 1927 If Tears Could Bring You Back To Me John Thorne Broadcast 127
  Aug.16, 1927 Does She Love Me? Positively, Absolutely! John Thorne Broadcast 149
  Aug.16, 1927 There Ain't No "Maybe" In My Baby's Eyes John Thorne Broadcast 145
  Sep.7, 1927 Deep River John Thorne Broadcast 164
  Sep.7, 1927 Clap Yo' Hands John Thorne Broadcast 163
  Sep.7, 1927 The Doll Dance   Broadcast 163
  Nov.1, 1927 Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling? Ramon Newton Broadcast 178
  Nov.29, 1927 I AIn't That Kind Of A Baby Bobby Sanders Broadcast 183
  Dec.30, 1927 Gonna Get A Girl Ramon Newton Broadcast 194
  Jan. 24, 1928 Bless Her Little Heart Ramon Newton Broadcast 206
  Feb.23, 1928 Marvellous Ramon Newton Broadcast 213
  Mar. 12, 1928 Did You Mean It? John Thorne Broadcast 230
  Mar. 23, 1928 When Day Is Done John Thorne Broadcast 226
  May 7, 1928 Wherever You Are (into: Playground In The Sky)   Broadcast 264
  June 1, 1928 A Little Dream Nest Maurice Elwin Broadcast 274
  Aug.21, 1928 My Pet John Thorne Broadcast 286
  Oct.31, 1928 Lila Bobby Sanders Broadcast 307
  Dec.19, 1928 Down My The Old Front Gate John Thorne & chorus Broadcast 329
  Feb.22, 1929 I Ain't Never Been Kissed John Thorne Broadcast 354
  July 16, 1929 I'm "Ka-Razy" For You The Whoopee Boys Broadcast 12 2504
  Aug.19, 1929 Wedding Bells Les Allen and trio Broadcast 12 2512
  Sep.26, 1929 Button Up Your Overcoat John Thorne Broadcast 12 2518
  Oct.30, 1929 The Sun Is At My Window Tom Barratt Broadcast 12 2527
  Nov.22, 1929 Say It With Songs, medley Cavan O'Connor & Tom Barratt Broadcast 12 5125
  Jan. 3, 1930 Sweetheart We Need Each Other John Thorne Broadcast 12 2536
  Jan. 31, 1930 Little By Little Tom Barratt Broadcast 12 2542
  Mar. 28, 1930 Singing In The Bathtub Tom Barratt Broadcast 12 2552
  Apr.8, 1930 Have A Little Faith In Me Sam Browne Broadcast 12 2557
  Apr.15, 1930 Keeping Myself For You Patrick Waddington Broadcast 12 2560
  June 17, 1930 A Man Of My Own unknown Broadcast 12 2572
  July 4, 1930 On The Sunny Side Of The Street Sam Browne Broadcast 12 2578
  Aug.19, 1930 Sing A Little Theme Song Sam Browne Broadcast 12 2584
  Oct.13, 1930 My Baby just Cares For Me Bob & Alf Pearson Broadcast 12 2595
  Dec.12, 1930 I Don't Mind Walking In The Rain Alf Pearson Broadcast 12 2608
  Sep.5, 1931 I Found You Sam Browne Panachord 25074
Billy Bissett Mar. 2, 1937 Rainbow On The River Billy Bissett HMV BD-5188
  Mar. 2, 1937 On A Little Bamboo Bridge Billy Bissett and Pat Hyde HMV BD-5188
  Mar. 2, 1937 All Alone In Vienna Billy Bissett HMV BD-5189
  Mar. 2, 1937 Ev'rything You Do Billy Bissett HMV BD-5189
  June 14, 1937 On A Little Dream Ranch Billy Bissett HMV BD-5227
  June 14, 1937 There's A Lull In My Life Alice Mann HMV BD-5231
  June 14, 1937 In A Little French Casino Billy Bissett and Alice Mann HMV BD-5227
  June 14, 1937 Never In A Million Years Billy Bissett and Alice Mann HMV BD-5231
Larry Brennan Aug.31, 1933 I've Found The Right Girl Tom Barratt Regal-Zono MR-1044
  Aug.31, 1933 Don't Blame Me Tom Barratt Regal-Zono MR-1043
Sep.27, 1933 Happy Ending Kathleen Walker Regal-Zono MR-1067
  Sep.28, 1933 Let The World Go Drifting By Tom Barratt Regal-Zono MR-1066
  Sep.28, 1933 Oh! Johanna Tom Barratt Regal-Zono MR-1048
  Dec.4, 1933 Was Love A Dream? Cavan O'Connor Regal-Zono MR-1166
  Dec.3, 1934 Can I Be Sure Of You? Cavan O'Connor Regal-Zono MR-1525
  Jan. 8, 1935 Wish Me Good Luck, Kiss Me Goodbye unknown Regal-Zono MR-1590
Apr.7, 1935 Home Again unknown Regal-Zono MR-1679
  Apr.7, 1935 Prairie Schooner unknown Regal-Zono MR-1679
  Apr.7, 1935 Mar. Winds And Apr.Showers unknown Regal-Zono MR-1680
  Apr.7, 1935 Since We Fell Out Of Love unknown Regal-Zono MR-1680
  May 14, 1935 Dancing In A Dream unknown Regal-Zono MR-1734
Philip Brown July 26, 1932 Crazy People Harry Evans Columbia CB-499
  July 26, 1932 Troubles Are Like Bubbles Harry Evans Columbia CB-488
  July 26, 1932 Mean Music Harry Evans Columbia CB-499
  June 23, 1933 Just Imagine Harry Evans Panachord 25567
  June 23, 1933 Sweep Harry Evans Panachord 25568
  June 23, 1933 You Don't Understand Harry Evans Panachord 25568
  June 23, 1933 Drifting Down The Shalimar Harry Evans Panachord 25569
  June 23, 1933 Dancing Butterfly Harry Evans Panachord 25567
  June 23, 1933 I've Got The World On A String Harry Evans Panachord 25569
  Dec.11, 1933 The Last Round Up   Pathe PA-72
  Dec.11, 1933 Let's Call It A Day   Pathe PA-72


Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Percy Chandler April, 1931 Why Is The Milk Of A Red Cow White? unknown Piccadilly 789
  April, 1931 Why Couldn't You ? Al Bowlly Piccadilly 789
  May, 1931 Darling, I'm Longing to Greet You Harry Bentley Piccadilly 769
  May, 1931 You Didn't Have To Tell Me Harry Bentley Piccadilly 770
  May, 1931 I Surrender, Dear Harry Bentley Piccadilly 779
  May, 1931 When The Guards Are On Parade Harry Bentley Piccadilly 779
  June, 1931 She's A Good Good Girl unknown Piccadilly 798
  June, 1931 Down Beside A Dutch Canal unknown Piccadilly 798
Al Collins Jan. 31, 1936 With All My Heart Suzanne Botterilll Decca F-5876
  Jan. 31, 1936 Moon For Sale Bert Yarlett Decca F-5876
  Jan. 31, 1936 Old Ship O' Mine Bert Yarlett Decca F-5875
  Jan. 31, 1936 Moon Over Miami Jimmy Leary Decca F-5875
Billy Cotton July 1928 I'm A Broken-Hearted Blackbird Joe Ferrie Metropole 1045
  Sep.1928 Sunny Skies Sid Buckman & Joe Ferrie Piccadilly 108
  Nov.1928 Dusky Stevedore Sid Buckman Piccadilly 195
  Mar. 28, 1930 Happy Feet Trio Regal MR-107
  Jan. 3, 1931 Makin' Whoopee (into: I'll Still Belong To You) Sid Buckman Columbia DB-382
  May 5, 1931 It Looks Like Love Sid Buckman Columbia CB-291
  Sep.4, 1931 Trees Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-350
  Mar. 19, 1932 With Love In My Heart Cyril Grantham Regal MR-557
  Aug.24, 1932 Sing A New Song Alan Breeze Regal MR-538
  Oct.5, 1932 Sweet Muchacha Alan Breeze & trio Regal MR-738
  Oct.20, 1932 Say It Isn't So Cyril Grantham Regal MR-738
  Feb.18, 1933 Street Of Dreams Alan Breeze Regal-Zono MR-867
  July 7, 1933 The Gold-Diggers' Song (We're In The Money) Sam Browne Regal-Zono MR-1003
  July 21, 1933 Black And Tan Fantasy   Regal-Zono MR-1037
  Dec.17, 1933 Doin' The Uptown Lowdown Ivor Rich & Teddy Foster Regal-Zono MR-1189
  Sep.27, 1934 Yes, Sir, I Love Your Daughter "Chips" Chippendall Regal Zono MR-1449
  Nov.30. 1934 That's The Way I Like To Hear You Talk "Chips" Chippendall Regal-Zone MR-1521
  Feb.1, 1935 Blue Moon Alan Breeze Regal-Zono MR-1588
  June 1, 1935 Shadows In The Moonlight "Chips" Chippendall Regal-Zono MR-1735
  Feb.29, 1936 This'll Make You Whistle Alan Breeze Regal-Zono MR-2055
  Oct.27, 1936 Midnight Blue Alan Breeze Regal-Zono MR-2264
  Aug.11, 1937 Midnight In Mayfair   Rex 9106
  Apr.22, 1938 Oooooo-Oh Boom! Jack Doyle & chorus Rex 9290
  Jan. 27, 1941 Yesterday's Dreams Alan Breeze Rex 9923
  Apr.14, 1942 The Whistler's Mother-In-Law Alan Breeze Rex 10,120

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
(Jack) Derrick Oct.9, 1922 Stumbling   Imperial 1050
  Oct.9, 1922 Cupid   Imperial 1047
  Feb.3, 1923 You'll Hear Me Calling "Yoo Hoo"   Imperial 1085
  Feb.3, 1923 She Walked In Her Husband's Sleep   Imperial 1087
  May 29, 1923 They Call It Dancing   Imperial 1117
  May 29, 1923 Are You Playing Fair? Noel "Chappie" D'Amato Imperial 1117
  June 22, 1923 Dancing Honeymoon   Imperial 1118
  June 22, 1923 In Romany   Imperial 1128

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
George Elrick Aug.17, 1937 Swing, Swing, Dear Mother-In-Law George Elrick Columbia FB-1755
  Aug.21, 1937 The Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed George Elrick Columbia FB-1755
  Oct.14, 1937 Goodnight To You All George Elrick Columbia FB-1796
  Oct.14, 1937 The Trouble With Me Is You George Elrick Columbia FB-1796
  Oct.14, 1937 The Organ, The Monkey And Me George Elrick Columbia FB-1797
  Oct.14, 1937 You Can't Swing A Love Song George Elrick Columbia FB-1797
  Nov.16, 1937 You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming George Elrick Columbia FB-1828
  Nov.16, 1937 You've Gotta Take Your Pick And Swing George Elrick Columbia FB-1828
Embassy Rhythm Feb 1, 1935 Hitchy Koo   Decca F-5435
Eight Feb 1, 1935 He's A Ragpicker   Decca F-5435
  Feb 5, 1935 Back Home In Tennessee   Decca F-5467
  Feb 15, 1935 Where The Black-Eyed Susans Grow   Decca F-5467
Clive Erard May 1931 Pod Samowarem   Filmophone 214
  June 1931 Ten Cents A Dance unknown Filmophone 203

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Len Fillis Feb 15, 1929 What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be Harry Jacobson Columbia 5328
  Feb 15, 1929 Just An Night For Meditation Harry Jacobson Columbia 5328
  Mar 19, 1931 I've Found What I Wanted In You Les Allen Decca F-2305
  Mar 19, 1931 Wha'd Ja Do To Me Les Allen Decca F-2305
  Mar 19, 1931 Under The Spell Of Your Kiss Les Allen Decca F-2306
Vic Filmer Apr-May 1931 Were You Sincere ? Sid Plummer & Harry Gold Piccadilly 771
Apr-May 1931 If You Can't Sing, Whistle Sid Plummer Piccadilly 771
George Fisher cMar 27 1928 I've Found A Horseshoe Three New Yorkers Metropole 1019
  cMay 11 1928 Miss Annabelle Lee Three New Yorkers Metropole 1026
  cJuly 2, 1928 My Pet Phil Arnold Metropole 1081
  c. Aug.3, 1928 Bluebird, Sing Me A Song Phil Arnold Metropole 1074
  c. Sep.6, 1928 Didn't I Tell You? Eddie Grossbart Metropole 1059
  cSep 24 1928 I'm Afraid Of You Eddie Grossbart Metropole 1095
cSep 24 1928 Collegiana Eddie Grossbart Piccadilly 165
  cSep 24 1928 More Than Anybody Eddie Grossbart Piccadilly 129
  cOct 15 1928 Sascatchewan Eddie Grossbart Piccadilly 190
  c. Feb.5 1929 Great Camp Meeting Day Cavan O'Connor Piccadilly 211
Howard Flynn July 1933 I Cover The Waterfront Phyllis Robins Winner 5576
  Oct.13, 1933 Dinner At Eight Harry Bentley Winner 5610
  Oct.13, 1933 Night And Day Harry Bentley Winner 5610
  Nov.19, 1933 There's A Home In Wyomin' Harry Bentley Winner 5618
  cDec 21 1933 On A Steamer Coming Over Dan Donovan Winner 5632
  cDec 21 1933 La-Di-Da-Di-Da Dan Donovan and others Winner 5632
  Jan. 1934 Faint Harmony Dan Donovan Winner 5642
  Jan. 1934 Dusty Shoes Dan Donovan Winner 5642
  Mar. 1934 Sittin' On A Backyard Fence Harry Bentley & trio Winner 5654
  Mar. 1934 This Little Piggie Went To Market Harry Bentley Winner 5654
Roy Fox Jan. 5, 1931 Ten Cents A Dance Betty Bolton Decca F-2294
  Jan. 5, 1931 Memories Of You Al Bowlly Decca F-2194
  Jan. 5, 1931 You're Lucky To Me Al Bowlly Decca F-2194
  Jan. 5, 1931 Thank Your Father Al Bowlly Decca F-2312
  Jan. 16, 1931 Can't We Be Friends? Al Bowlly Decca F-2220
  Jan. 24, 1931 Lady, Play Your Mandolin Al Bowlly Decca F-2220
  Feb.9, 1931 Maybe It's Love Al Bowlly Decca F-2240
  Feb.26, 1931 You're The One I Care For Al Bowlly Decca F-2256
  Feb.26, 1931 Overnight Al Bowlly Decca F-2256
  Feb.26, 1931 Shout For Happiness Al Bowlly Decca F-2263
  Mar. 5, 1931 Bathing In The Sunshine Al Bowlly Decca F-2263
  Mar. 10, 1931 Them There Eyes The Three Ginx Decca F-2252
  Mar. 10, 1931 That Lindy Hop The Three Ginx Decca F-2250
  Mar. 13, 1931 I'm Glad I Waited The Three Ginx Decca F-2291
  Mar. 25, 1931 One More Time Al Bowlly Decca F-2294
  Mar. 25, 1931 Time On My Hands Al Bowlly Decca F-2291
  Apr.21, 1931 Laughing At The Rain Al Bowlly Decca F-2328
  Apr.21, 1931 Bubbling Over With Love Al Bowlly Decca F-2328
  May 5, 1931 Fiesta Al Bowlly Decca F-2341
  May 5, 1931 By My Side Al Bowlly Decca F-2341
  June 1, 1931 I'm So Used To You Now Al Bowlly Decca F-2352
  July 21, 1931 When You Were The blossom Of Buttercup Lane Al Bowlly Decca F-2403
  Aug.18, 1931 Tell Me, Are You From Georgia? Al Bowlly & Nat Gonella Decca F-2451
  Aug.18, 1931 Whispering (Roy Fox's signature tune) introduced by Roy Fox Decca F-2469
  Sep.18, 1931 Sweet And Lovely Al Bowlly Decca F-2514
  Oct.7, 1931 Take It From Me Al Bowlly Decca F-2582
  Nov.5, 1931 Over The Blue Al Bowlly Decca F-2683
  Dec.30, 1931 If I Didn't Have You Al Bowlly Decca F-2763
  Jan. 21, 1932 Jig Time Al Bowlly, Sid Buckman & Joe Ferrie Decca F-2793
  Feb.4, 1932 Don't Tell A Soul Joe Ferrie Decca F-2802
  Mar. 7, 1932 My Sweet Virginia Al Bowlly Decca F-2866
  Apr.13, 1932 When We're Alone Al Bowlly Decca F-2922
  May 19, 1932 I Got Rhythm Al Bowlly, Sid Buckman, Joe Ferrie & Nat Gonella Decca F-3014
  July 20, 1932 One More Affair Al Bowlly Decca F-3093
  Sep.9, 1932 Call It A Day Al Bowlly Decca F-3151
  Sep.23, 1932 All Of A Sudden Al Bowlly Decca F-3181

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Geraldo Jan. 31, 1934 When I Hear Your Voice Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-715
  Feb.3, 1934 I Bring To You Sweet Music Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-719
  Feb.10, 1934 I Had To Change The Words Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-719
  Sep.20, 1934 Don't You Cry When You Say "Good-Bye" Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-801
  Sep.20, 1934 What A Little Moonlight Can Do Cyril Grantham & trio Columbia CB-800
  Sep.20, 1934 Looking For A Little Bit Of Blue Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-800
  Oct.26, 1934 Just A-Wearyin' For You Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-802
  Oct.26, 1934 P.S. I Love You Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-802
  Dec.18, 1934 I Think I Can Cyril Grantham Columbia CB-812
  Jan. 8, 1935 The Moon Was Yellow Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1006
  Jan. 8, 1935 What A Diff'rence A Day Made Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1006
  Feb.8, 1935 Too Beautiful For Words Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1025
  Mar. 8, 1935 With All My Heart And Soul Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1047
  Mar. 9, 1935 A Beggar Who's In Love Can Be A King Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1047
  Apr.16, 1935 Far Away In Shanty Town Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1053
  May 8, 1935 Rose Of Italy Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1059
  May 8, 1935 What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasin' You) ? Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1059
  May 13, 1935 My Heart Jumped Over The Moon Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1070
  July 2, 1935 Paris In The Spring Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1086
  July 2, 1935 Bonjour, Mam'selle Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1086
  July 2, 1935 Lou'siana Fairytale Cyril Grantham & trio Columbia FB-1093
  July 2, 1935 Solitude   Columbia FB-1094
  July 17, 1935 Lovely Liza Lee Cyril Grantham & trio Columbia FB-1094
  July 17, 1935 South American Joe unknown Columbia FB-1093
  Oct.4, 1935 Outside Of You Cyril Grantham Columbia FB-1172
Carroll Gibbons Dec.31, 1931 Sweet Summer Breeze Jack Plant Columbia CB-404
and the Savoy Jan. 7, 1932 You'll Be Sorry Jack Plant Columbia CB-404
Hotel Orpheans Jan. 14, 1932 Sunshine And Roses Anona Wynn Columbia CB-413
  Jan. 14, 1932 One Little Quarrel Al Bowlly & Anona Wynn Columbia CB-413
  Jan. 19, 1932 One More Kiss, Then Good-Night Jack Plant Columbia CB-414
  Feb.1, 1932 Prisoner Of Love Jack Plant Columbia CB-421
  Feb.4, 1932 I'll Make A Happy Landing Jack Plant Columbia CB-421
  Apr.26, 1932 Oh! That Mitzi Edward Cooper Columbia CB-449
  Apr.26, 1932 What Would You Do? Edward Cooper Columbia CB-449
  July 20, 1935 Why Start Come Out At Night Anne Lenner Columbia FB-1090
  July 20, 1935 Why Dream? Anne Lenner Columbia FB-1090
  Jan. 9, 1936 You Were There Robert Ashley Columbia FB-1282
  Jan. 9, 1936 Play, Orchestra, Play Robert Ashley Columbia FB-1282
  Oct.26, 1936 Miracles Sometimes Happen Anne Lenner Columbia FB-1548
  Oct.26, 1936 Midnight Blue Brian Lawrance Columbia FB-1548
  June 2, 1937 Let's Call The Whole Thing Off Anne Lenner & George Melachrino Columbia FB-1705
  June 2, 1937 Shall We Dance? Anne Lenner & George Melachrino Columbia FB-1705
Howard Godfrey July 1929 Excuse Me, Lady   Winner 4952
  July 1929 Louise Howard Godfrey Winner 4952
  Aug 2, 1930 On The Sunny Side Of The Street Al Bowlly Victory 253
  Apr.1931 When I Take My Sugar To Tea Val Rosing Piccadilly 766
  May-June 1931 Thank You Most Sincerely Al Bowlly Piccadilly 781
  Aug.1931 Cherie, C'est Vous Les Allen Piccadilly 811
  Sep.1931 Poor Kid Les Allen Piccadilly 816
  Oct.1931 Over The Blue Al Bowlly Piccadilly 856
Alan Green Feb. 1931 Hurt unkn. Piccadilly 737
  Feb. 1931 You're The One I Care For unkn. Piccadilly 731
  Feb. 1931 Bessie Couldn't Help It unkn Piccadilly 735
  Feb. 1931 It's An Old Spanish Custom In The Moonlight Joe Leigh Piccadilly 729
  Feb. 1931 I Lost My Gal Again Joe Leigh Piccadilly 729
  Mar. 1931 We're Friends Again unkn. Piccadilly 752
  Mar. 1931 Egyptian-Ella unkn. Piccadilly 753
  Mar. 1931 Shovel Up Your Troubles unkn. Piccadilly 753
  Mar. 1931 Tap Your Feet unkn. Piccadilly 751
Stan Greening c. Jan. 30, 1925 Eat More Fruit Thomas Jackson ? Regal G-8329 (Corona D.O.)
  c. Feb. 5, 1925 Tea For Two   Regal G-8333 (Corona D.O.)
  c. Feb. 13, 1925 In A Little Rendezvous   Regal G-8351 (Corona D.O.)
  c. Apr.17, 1925 The Story-Book Ball   Regal G-8379 (Corona D.O.)
  June 9, 1925 One Little One More Fred Rome ? Regal G-8419 (Corona D.O.)
  c. Sep. 28, 1925 Comin' Home   Regal G-8469 (Corona D.O.)
  Jan. 1926 Keep Your Skirts Down, Mary Ann   Regal G-8545 (Corona D.O.)
  Feb.2, 1926 Why Do Short Men Like Tall Girls? unknown Regal G-8559 (Raymond DB)
  Apr.27, 1926 Hang On To Me   Regal G-8612 (Raymond DB)
  Sep.13, 1926 Two Little Bluebirds   Regal G-8693 (Raymond DB)
  Nov.25, 1926 I've Never Seen A Straight Banana Maurice Elwin Regal G-8764 (Raymond DB)
  Apr.12, 1927 Sing   Regal G-8871 (Raymond DB)
  June 22, 1927 The Devil Is Afraid Of Music Eddie Morris Regal G-8906 (Raymond DB)
  Nov.2, 1927 You Went Away Too Far Eddie Morris Regal G-9005 (Raymond DB)
  Dec.1, 1927 There's One Little Girl Who Loves Me Harry Robinson Regal G-9037 (Raymond DB)
  Feb.6, 1928 I'm Living On Love Eddie Morris Regal G-9094 (Lido D.O.)
  Apr.19, 1928 Since I Met Mary Jane Robert Carr Regal G-9133 (Raymond DB)
  July 12, 1928 Happy-Go-Lucky Lane John Thorne Regal G-9174 (Raymond DB)
  Nov.25, 1929 Jollity Farm Tom Barratt Regal G-9440
(as Hal Swain & his Band)
  Feb.6, 1930 Crazy Pirouette   Regal unissued test
  Aug.31, 1931 Whistling In The Dark Leslie Holmes Regal MR-400
(Rhythmic Troubadours)

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Henry Hall Mar. 30, 1932 It's Just The Time For Dancing Val Rosing Columbia CB-439
  June 23, 1932 Singing In The Moonlight Val Rosing Columbia CB-475
  Oct.26, 1932 Tell Me Tonight Les Allen Columbia CB-523
  Dec.20, 1932 Everyone Says "I Love You" Les Allen Columbia CB-545
  Feb.13, 1933 Sitting In The Dark Sam Browne Columbia CB-572
  Apr.4, 1933 The Song Is You Les Allen Columbia CB-598
  July 15, 1933 Everybody Loves My Marguerite Les Allen Columbia CB-649
  Oct.16, 1933 Did My Heart Beat, Did I Fall In Love? Les Allen Columbia CB-669
  Nov.13, 1933 Roaming Flanagan & Allen Columbia CB-684
  Jan. 6, 1934 Play To Me, Gypsy Les Allen Columbia CB-705
  Apr.19, 1934 Riding On The Clouds Len Bermon Columbia CB-750
  July 3, 1934 I'll String Along With You Les Allen Columbia CB-771
  Aug.28, 1934 I'm Your Slave Les Allen Columbia CB-785
  Nov.13, 1934 No-One Believes I'm A Mermaid Bertha Willmott Columbia CB-805
  Jan. 30, 1935 Blue Moon Dan Donovan Columbia FB-1017
  May 1, 1935 My Dance Dan Donovan Columbia FB-1055
  June 24, 1935 Caravan Of Dreams Dan Donovan Columbia FB-1078
  Aug.19, 1935 Don't You Ever Fall In Love Dan Donovan and trio Columbia FB-1099
  Oct.23, 1935 Say The Word And It's Yours Dan Donovan Columbia FB-1195
  Apr.4, 1936 I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket Dan Donovan Columbia FB-1364
  July 18, 1936 I Wanna Woo George Elrick Columbia FB-1479
  Sep.12, 1936 There's A Small Hotel Dan Donovan Columbia FB-1609
  Oct.14, 1937 The First Time I Saw You Bob Mallin Columbia FB-1789
  Dec.14, 1938 Don't Let That Moon Get Away Leslie Douglas Columbia FB-2114
Hatchett's Nov. 19 1940 Brother Jackie Dorothy Carless & chorus Decca F-7682
Swingtette Nov. 19, 1940 All The Things You Are Dorothy Carless Decca F-7682
  Dec. 15, 1941 Wrap Yourself In Cotton Wool Billie Campbell Decca F-8054
  Dec. 15, 1941 Tahiti Rendezvous Billie Campbell Decca F-8054
  Apr. 8, 1942 Two Little Squirrels Billie Campbell Decca F-8129
  Apr. 8, 1942 The Waiter And The Porter And The Upstairs Maid Billie Campbell Decca F-8129
Jerry Hoey c. Feb.1931 Ten Cents A Dance unknown Piccadilly 738
  c. Feb.1931 Rainbow Joe Lee Piccadilly 736
  c. Mar. 1931 There's Always Tomorrow Joe Lee Piccadilly 755
  c. Mar. 1931 It's Not You Joe Lee Piccadilly 755
  c. Mar. 1931 Alone And Afraid Joe Lee Simcha 10007
  Apr.1931 Laughing At The Rain Jack Plant Simcha 10007
  Sep.1931 Song Of Happiness Les Allen Piccadilly 839
  Sep.1931 Time Alone Will Tell Les Allen Piccadilly 840
  Sep.1931 What's Going To Happen To Me? Les Allen Piccadilly 840
  Oct.1931 At Your Command Les Allen Piccadilly 861
  Oct.1931 Sweet And Lovely Les Allen trio Piccadilly 861
  Nov.1931 How's Your Uncle? Les Allen and another Piccadilly 864
  Nov.1931 Just A Blue-Eyed Blonde Les Allen Piccadilly 859
  Nov.1931 You Forgot Your Gloves Les Allen Piccadilly 864
  Dec.1931 Guilty Les Allen Picadilly 883
Harry Hudson c. Jan. 5, 1928 Dancing Tambourine   Radio 802
  Apr.20, 1928 It Don't Do Nothing But Rain Harry Hudson Radio 849
  c. Sep.5, 1928 There Must Be A Silver Lining George Melachrino & Harry Hudson Radio 881
  Jan. 24, 1929 I'm Crazy Over You John Thorne Radio 930
  Jan. 26, 1929 Gin And It   Radio 933
  June 6, 1929 You're The Cream In My Coffee Harry Hudson Radio 1220
  c. Aug.9, 1929 Louise Eddie Grossbart Radio 1245
  c. Dec.20, 1929 Cigarette Eddie Grossbart Radio 1312
  c. Jan. 2, 1930 Lonesome Little Doll John Thorne Radio 1287
  c. Mar. 14 1930 Mickey Mouse John Thorne & chorus Radio 1321
  c. May 19, 1930 By The Bend Of The River Sam Browne Radio 1359
  c. Nov.13, 1930 Dancing On The Ceiling Sam Browne Radio 1425
  Jan. 6, 1931 Sing (A Happy Little Thing) Eddie Grossbart Radio 1452
  c. Mar. 19, 1931 Ten Cents A Dance Sam Browne Radio 1482
  c. Apr.22, 1931 You're Twice As Nice As That Girl In My Dreams John Thorne & trio Radio 1502
  c. July 16, 1931 I Found You Harry Hudson Radio 1530
  c. Sep.1, 1931 I Can't Do Without You Al Bowlly & Harry Hudson Radio 1551
  c. Jan. 1, 1932 Close Your Eyes The Carlyle Cousins Radio 1591
  c. Feb.26, 1932 By The Fireside The Three Ginx Radio 1602
Jack Hylton Jan. 6, 1926 My Girl's Got Long Hair Jack Hylton HMV B-5016
  Jan. 15, 1926 Why Don't You Say So?   HMV B-5014
  Feb.25, 1926 Ukulele Baby Jack Hylton & Chappie D'Amato HMV B-5019
  Mar. 19, 1926 "Lady Be Good" selection, part 1.
Intro: So Am I; Hang On To Me;
   Fascinating Rhythm
Monty Woolf HMV B-5042
  Apr.21, 1926 Oh! Miss Hannah Chappie D'Amato HMV B-5055
  Apr.21, 1926 So Does Your Old Mandarin Jack Hylton HMV B-5054
  Apr.23, 1926 Rose OF Samarkand (Eric Coates)   HMV B-5056
  June 8, 1928 Blinky Moon Bay   HMV B-5086
  June 28, 1926 I'm Taking That Baby Home Jack Hylton HMV B-5099
  Jan. 18, 1929 Blue Night Sam Browne HMV B-5595
  Feb.12, 1929 But I Do Say So ! Sam Browne HMV B-5611
  Feb.14, 1929 Glad Feet Sam Browne & trio HMV B-5615
  Feb.25, 1929 I Must Have That Man Sam Browne HMV B-5617
  Apr.5, 1929 Glad Rag Doll Sam Browne & trio HMV B-5627
  Apr.11, 1929 Sleep, Baby, Sleep Sam Browne & trio HMV B-5641
  Apr.26, 1929 My Sin Sam Browne HMV B-5637
  May 30, 1929 Is Izzy Azzy Wozz ? Max & Harry Nesbitt, and Sam Browne HMV B-5666
  June 17, 1929 Breakaway (intro: Big City Blues) Sam Browne HMV B-5658
  June 27, 1929 Excuse Me, Lady Sam Browne HMV B-5674
  July 23, 1929 If Love Were All (intro: Dear Little Cafe) Sam Browne HMV B-5677
  Aug.29, 1929 I'm Perfectly Satisfied Sam Browne & trio, plus Jack Jackson ("scat" vocal) HMV B-5707
  Sep.9, 1929 Button Up Your Overcoat Sam Browne HMV B-5703
  Sep.18, 1929 If I Had My Way Sam Browne & trio HMV B-5707
  Oct.8, 1929 Ain't Misbehavin' Sam Browne HMV B-5715
  Oct.24, 1929 Tip-Toe Through The Tulips Sam Browne & trio HMV B-5722
  Nov.8, 1929 High And Low Sam Browne HMV B-5772
  Nov.2, 1931 You're My Decline And Fall Pat O'Malley Decca F-2664
  Dec.1, 1931 Song Of Happiness Pat O'Malley & Billy Munn Decca F-2701
  Dec.22, 1931 You're Blase Pat O'Malley Decca F-2757
  Jan. 15, 1932 Dancing In The Dark Pat O'Malley Decca F-2786
  Feb.9, 1932 Ever Since I Kissed Her On The Volga Pat O'Malley Decca F-2878
  Apr.28, 1932 Lovely Little Silhouette Pat O'Malley Decca F-2959
  June 23, 1932 You're Taking A Chance With Me Pat O'Malley Decca F-3040
  Sep.7, 1932 Wrap Your Arms Around Me Pat O'Malley & trio Decca F-3161
  Oct.4, 1932 Love Is The Sweetest Thing Pat O'Malley Decca F-3253
  Oct.13, 1932 Don't Say Goodbye Pat O'Malley Decca F-3213
  Mar. 14, 1933 The Lord Mayor's Show Pat O'Malley + others Decca F-3519
  Apr.12, 1933 This Is The Rhythm For Me Pat O'Malley Decca F-3549
  June 30, 1933 You're Mine, You Pat O'Malley Decca F-3600
  Sep.16, 1933 Happy As The Day Is Long Pat O'Malley, Sonny Farrar & Billy Ternant Decca F-3671
  Oct.20, 1933 Did My Heart Beat? Pat O'Malley Decca F-3715
  Nov.27, 1933 By A Waterfall Pat O'Malley Decca F-3806
Mrs. Jack Hylton Aug.8, 1935 In A Little Gypsy Tea Room Mrs. Jack Hylton Crown 1
  Oct.3, 1935 I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again Jimmy Miller Crown 61
  Oct.3, 1935 One-Way Street Jimmy Miller Crown 110
  Oct.3, 1935 Stolen Moments Leslie Brian Crown 110
  Oct.29, 1935 I'm Looking At Blue Skies Chick Smith Crown 80
  Oct.29, 1935 You Are My Lucky Star Jimmy Miller Crown 79
  Dec.2, 1936 I'm Waiting For A Change In The Weather Chick Smith Crown 112
  Jan. 8, 1936 My Sweetest Dream Jimmy Miller Crown 166
  Jan. 8, 1936 Heaven Jimmy Miller Crown 149
  Mar. 23, 1936 Please Believe Me Jimmy Miller Crown 175
  May 16, 1936 Love, Just Love Jimmy Miller Crown 185
  Sep.23, 1936 Take My Heart Mrs Jack Hylton Crown 243
  Sep.23, 1936 A Million Thoughts Of You Jimmy Miller Crown 243
  Sep.23, 1936 Shoe-Shine Boy John Bristol Crown 244


Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Edgar Jackson May, 1932 I've Got Five Dollars Bill Airey-Smith Oriole P-111
  May, 1932 By Special Permission Of The Copyright Owners Bill Airey-Smith Oriole P-111
  Sep 5, 1932 Oh ! How I Love My Darling Bill Airey-Smith Decca F-3156
  Sep 5, 1932 Sweet Little You Bill Airey-Smith Decca F-3156
  Nov 17, 1932 One Stolen Kiss Bill Airey-Smith Decca F-3299
  Nov 17, 1932 Jealous Bill Airey-Smith Decca F-3199
Jack Jackson Feb.24, 1933 I'm Playing With Fire Al Bowlly & trio HMV B-6322
  Feb.24, 1933 Sitting In The Dark Al Bowlly HMV B-6322
  Sep.18, 1933 Make Those People Sway (Jack Jackson's sig. tune) Jack Jackson & chorus HMV B-6402
  Sep.18, 1933 I've Found The Right Girl Jack Jackson HMV B-6395
  Jan. 16, 1934 Faint Harmony Sam Costa HMV B-6448
  Apr.9, 1934 Because It's Love Jack McCarthy HMV B-6479
  Sep. 24, 1934 Sitting Beside O' You Fred Latham HMV B-6520
  Oct.22, 1934 Have A Little Dream On Me Fred Latham HMV B-6537
  Oct.25, 1934 I Travel Alone Alberta Hunter HMV B-6535
  Oct.31, 1934 Two Little Flies On A Lump Of Sugar Alberta Hunter HMV B-6541
  Dec.12, 1934 I'm On A See-Saw Fred Latham HMV B-6565
  Jan. 9, 1935 My Heart Was Sleeping Jackie Hunter HMV BD-109
  May 31, 1935 My Heart Jumped Over The Moon Jack Jackson HMV BD-178
  Aug.14, 1935 Turn Your Face To The Sun Jack Jackson & Mary Cole HMV BD-207
  Mar. 19, 1936 You Have That Extra Something Jackie Hunter trio HMV BD-5051
  Nov.11, 1937 Limehouse Blues   Decca F-6568
  Nov.26, 1937 The New Swing Alphabet Jack Jackson & Jack Cooper Decca F-6568
  May 2, 1938 You're An Education Jack Cooper Decca F-6678


Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Tommy Kinsman Mar. 29, 1928 What'll You Do? Maurice Elwn Homochord D-1243
  Mar. 29, 1928 Mine - All Mine Maurice Elwin Homochord D-1243
  Late Jan. 1929 Then Came The Dawn Maurice Elwin Homochord D-1322
  c. July 1929 I'm Saving All My Lovin' Eddie Pola Piccadilly 349
(Florida Club Dance Band)
  July 1929 On Top Of The World, Alone Cavan O'Connor Sterno 203
(Florida Club Dance Band)
  Aug.1929 Why Can't You? Fred Douglas Sterno 218
(Florida Club Dance Band)
  Dec.1929 Singapore Sal Harry Bentley Piccadilly 444
(Eddie Harding's Night Club Boys)
  Sep.18, 1931 Mausie Tom Barratt Sterno 790
  Nov.9, 1931 You Forgot Your Gloves Harry Bentley Sterno 826
  May 25, 1932 Lovable Les Allen Sterno 987
  Dec.10, 1932 Lying In The Hay Tom Barratt Sterno 1107
(Fifteen Crimson Dominoes)
  c. Mar. 1935 You Bring Out The Savage In Me Clarence Wright Octacros 1138
  c. Mar. 1935 Things Are Looking Up Clarence Wright Octacros 1145
  c. Jan. 1936 Thanks A Million   Octacros 1214
  c. Mar. 1936 Where There's You, There's Me   Octacros 1226
  c. June 1936 What's The Name Of That Song?   Empire E-225
(Regal Cinema Ballroom D.B.)
  c. Sep.1936 You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes Trio Empire E-137
(Dave Allen and his Band)
  c. Nov.1936 I Heard A Song In A Taxi Tommy Kinsman Empire E-171
(Regal Cinema Ballroom D.B.)
  c. Dec.1936 South Sea Island Magic Jack Cooper Empire E-225
(Regal Cinema Ballroom D.B.)
  c. Jan. 1937 "Showboat", Medley   Empire E-250
(Regal Cinema Ballroom D.B.)
  c. Feb.1937 There's "Yoo Hoo" In Your Eyes   Octacros 1388
The Kit-Cat Band Aug.10, 1925 Can't Your Friend Find A Friend For Me?   HMV B-2100
(dir: Al Starita) Nov.20, 1925 You Got 'Em   HMV B-2229
  Jan. 1, 1926 I'm Still In Love With You   HMV B-5034
  July 9, 1926 While My Pretty One Sleeps Jack Hylton HMV B-5101
  Aug.31, 1926 Dreaming The Waltz Away (waltz)   HMV B-5125
  Sep.10, 1926 No Sir, That's Not My Girl Al Starita HMV B-5128
  Nov.4, 1926 Swinging Along (intro: Sonny Boy)   HMV B-5166
  Dec.1, 1926 Just A Bird's-Eye View Of My Old Kentucky Home   HMV B-5185
  Jan. 19, 1927 If You Can't Hold The Man You Love   HMV B-5205
  Mar. 23, 1927 If I Were You   HMV B-5245
  Mar. 31, 1927 I Wouldn't Fool A Little Girl Like You unidentified HMV B-5253
  May 10, 1927 Cheer Up, Keep Smiling Al Starita HMV B-5278
  May 31, 1927 I Need Some Cooling Off Al Starita Columbia 4399
  Sep.7, 1927 Tweet, Tweet Eddie Collis Columbia 4552
  Oct.13, 1927 Oh, Doris! Where Do You Live? Joe Lee Columbia 4662
  Dec.17, 1927 The Calinda   Columbia 4718
  Feb.13, 1928 Heading For Harlem Eddie Grossbart Columbia 4766
The Krakajax Feb 5, 1936 Crazy Rhythm Man Trio Parlophone F-397
  Feb 5, 1936 I Got Rhythm Trio Parlophone F-397
  Feb 5, 1936 High Rhythm And Low Moanin' Trio Parlophone F-396
  Feb 5, 1936 Spreadin' Rhythm Around Trio Parlophone F-396
  Mar 10, 1936 Scat Singing Sue Trio Parlophone F-419
  Mar 10, 1936 Oh ! By Jingo Trio Parlophone F-419
  Apr 8, 1936 Breakin' In A Pair Of Shoes Trio Parlophone F-445
  Apr 8, 1936 Swing, Mister Charlie Trio Parlophone F-445
  Apr 30, 1936 Counting Crotchets In My Sleep Trio Parlophone F-468
  Apr 30, 1936 Christopher Columbus Trio Parlophone F-468
Charlie Kunz Oct.16, 1928 I'm Tired Of Waiting   (Chez Henri Band)   Columbia 5076
  Aug.11, 1933 Moonstruck Harry Bentley Sterno 1241
  Sep.5, 1933 The Grass Is Getting Greener All The Time Harry Bentley 4 in 1 63
  Oct.11, 1933 I Was In The Mood Eve Becke Sterno 1272
  Nov.14, 1933 You've Got Everything Harry Bentley Sterno 1295
  Jan. 2, 1934 Let's Sit This One Out Eve Becke & Harry Bentley 4 in 1 81
  Mar. 5, 1934 Coffee In The Morning Dawn Davis Homochord HR-77
  Apr.10, 1934 Goin' To Heaven On A Mule Harry Bentley Sterno 1448
  Sep.1, 1934 Nasty Man Phyllis Robins Sterno 1471
  Apr.1935 Seein' Is Believin' George Barclay Rex 8497
  Aug.1935 Louisiana Fairy Tale George Barclay Rex 8560
  Oct.1935 In The Middle Of A Kiss George Barclay Rex 8624
  Mar. 1936 Love Is A Dancing Thing George Barclay Rex 8729
  May 1936 Heart Of Gold Vera Lynn Rex 8789
  Oct.1936 I Breathe On Windows George Barclay Rex 8917
  Jan. 1937 When My Dream Boat Comes Home Vera Lynn Rex 8964
  Mar. 12, 1941 That's For Me   Decca F-7818


Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Syd Lipton Oct.7, 1932 When The Morning Rolls Around Les Allen 4 in 1 12
  Nov.2, 1932 Little Miss Gadabout Les Allen 4 in 1 17
  Dec.1, 1932 Say It Isn't So Les Allen 4 in 1 24
  Dec.30, 1932 Ev'ryone Says "I Love You" Cyril Grantham 4 in 1 30
  Feb.23, 1933 I'm Sure Of Everything But You Cyril Grantham and trio 4 in 1 34
  June 9, 1933 The Language Of Love Sam Browne 4 in 1 50
  June 9, 1933 I'm In Love With A Sunbeam Cyril Grantham 4 in 1 51
  June 30, 1933 You're Mine, You Cyril Grantham 4 in 1 55
  Aug.1, 1933 I Promised Sally Sam Browne Plaza P-126
  Aug.1, 1933 Everything's Fine With Me Cyril Grantham Plaza P-127
  Sep.26, 1933 That's What Life Is Made Of Ronnie Ogilvie Plaza P-141
  Oct.17, 1933 Moonlight And Melody, selection Les Allen & Ronnie Ogilvie 4 in 1 72
  May 28, 1934 May I? Jack Plant Sterno 1456
  Oct.23, 1934 I Bought Myself A Bottle Of Ink Gerry Fitzgerald Sterno 1521
  Dec.14, 1934 What A Diff'rence A Day Made Gerry Fitzgerald Peacock BP-634
  Feb.14, 1935 I've Got An Invitation To A Dance Gerry Fitzgerald Sterno 1576
  July 30, 1935 Lovely To Look At Sam Browne Cinecord 014
London Radio Oct.26, 1926 Who Taught You This - Who Taught You That?   Columbia 4171
Dance Band Oct.25, 1926 No, Sir! That's Not My Girl   Columbia 4172
  Nov.24, 1926 Brown Eyes, In Your Dreams   Columbia 4245
  Jan. 13, 1927 Indian Butterfly   Columbia 4280
  June 17, 1927 In A Japanese Garden   Columbia 4556
  June 17, 1927 Mine   Columbia 4556
  Oct.31, 1927 The Devil Is Afraid Of Music   Columbia 4669
  Oct.31, 1927 Castillian Nights   Columbia 4669
  Oct.31, 1927 At The End Of An Irish Moonbeam Bert Bown Columbia 4701
  Oct.31, 1927 Clementine   Columbia 4701
  Nov.10, 1927 Under The Moon   Columbia 4670
  Nov.10, 1927 Why Can't We Be Sweethearts? Bert Bown Columbia 4670
  Nov.10, 1927 Zulu Wail Bert Bown Columbia 4685
  Feb.7, 1928 Do That Heebie-Jeebie Dance Bert Bown Columbia 4726
  Feb.7, 1928 Sister Phoebe Danced The Heebie-Jeebies Bert Bown Columbia 4726
  Feb.7, 1928 I Ain't Got Nobody Bert Bown Columbia 4766
  Mar. 1928 Didn't I? Bert Bown & another Radio 830
  Mar. 1928 It's A Million To One You're In Love Bert Bown Radio 830
  Mar. 1928 Highways Are Happy Ways Bert Bown Radio 832


Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Jock McDermott Sep.1930 Persian Slave Fred Knight Piccadilly 660
  Sep.1930 Scarecrow Fred Knight Piccadilly 660
  Nov-Dec 1930 With My Guitar And You Fred Douglas Piccadilly 682
  Nov-Dec 1930 Hullabaloo Fred Douglas Piccadilly 694
  Dec.1930 Dear! Dear! Jack Plant Piccadilly 690
  Dec.1930 Roamin' Thru' The Roses Jack Plant Piccadilly 692
  Jan. 1931 Nobody Cares If I'm Blue Jimmy Allen Piccadilly 705
(Al Stewart's New Mexicans)
  Jan. 1931 Love Is Like A Song Jimmy Allen Piccadilly 706
  Jan. 1931 Always In All Ways Jimmy Allen Piccadilly 710
(Al Stewart's New Mexicans)
  Feb.1931 Make Yourself A Happiness Pie unknown Piccadilly 718
(Al Stewart's New Mexicans)
  Feb.1931 Okay, Baby unknown Piccadilly 719
(Al Stewart's New Mexicans)
c. Jan. 5, 1932 Hold My Hand Al Bowlly Winner 5458
  Feb.1932 I'm Sorry, Dear Tom Barratt Broadcast 827
  Mar. 11, 1932 Songs That Are Old Live Forever Leslie Holmes Winner 5473
  Feb.2, 1934 Faint Harmony Leslie Douglas Sterno 1366
Percival Mackey c.May26 1925 Oh, Darling! Do Say "Yes" Harry Fay Columbia 3679
  c. Jun 3, 1925 My Fair Lady   Columbia 3695
  c.Aug 12 1925 Mercenary Mary   Columbia 3742
  Oct.5, 1925 Kiss Me Quick Harry Fay Columbia 3785
  Nov.9, 1925 Dog On The Piano   Columbia 3822
  Nov.19, 1925 Dancing   Columbia 3849
  Jan. 12, 1926 Ida, I Do Jack Morrison Columbia 3867
  Feb.9, 1926 I Can Always Find Another Partner   Columbia 3906
  Mar. 19, 1926 Fascinating Rhythm Monty Woolf Columbia 3940
  Apr.17, 1926 Thanks For The Buggy Ride Fred Douglas Columbia 3963
  June 3, 1926 For You   Columbia 4009
  July 14, 1926 Some Other Bird Whistled A Tune Eddie Morris Columbia 4043
  Aug.19, 1926 Looking For A Boy   Columbia 4064
  Oct.20, 1926 Cross Your Heart   Columbia 4144
  Oct.21, 1926 Wimmin, Aaah! Al Starita Columbia 4244
  Nov.22, 1926 A Tiny Flat Near Soho Square unknown Columbia 4184
  Jan. 21, 1927 I'm Sailing Off To China unknown Columbia 4276
  Feb.17, 1927 I Might Have Kissed One Girl   Columbia 4315
Pete Mandell Nov.14, 1929 Singing In The Rain unknown Victory 155
(as Victory Band)
  Jan. 8, 1930 Love, Your Spell Is Everywhere Fred Douglas Victory 183
  Jan. 8, 1930 Lonesome Little Doll Fred Douglas Victory 184
  Jan. 8, 1930 The Doll's House Fred Douglas Victory 185
  Feb.4, 1930 Piccolo Pete Fred Douglas Victory 197
(Victory Dance Orch.)
  Mar. 22, 1930 The Punch And Judy Show Jack Plant Victory 213
  Mar. 22, 1930 Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips Jack Plant Victory 212
  Mar. 22, 1930 I May Be Wrong, But I Think You're Wonderful Jack Plant Victory 214
  Mar. 22, 1930 You Baby Me - I'll Baby You Jack Plant Victory 209
  Mar. 22, 1930 Oh! Oh! Oh! What I Know About Love Jack Plant Victory 211
  Apr.17, 1930 The Wedding In The Ark Jack Plant Victory 221
  Apr.17, 1930 My Love Parade Jack Plant Victory 222
  Apr.17, 1930 My Love Parade     (instrumental take)   Victory 222
  Apr.17, 1930 Singing In The Bath Tub Jack Plant Victory 223
  Apr.17, 1930 I'm Just A Vagabond Lover Jack Plant Victory 224
  May 5, 1930 Body And Soul Jack Plant Victory 231
Ronnie Munro June 1926 Susie Was A Real Wild Child Robert Howe Parlophone E-5608
  Aug.1926 I'm Taking That Baby Home Scovell & Wheldon Parlophone E-5634
  Sep.1926 Two Little Bluebirds Eddie Collis Parlophone E-5648
  Oct.1926 What! No Spinach? Eddie Collis Parlophone E-5688
  Nov.1926 Any Ice Today, Lady? Ronnie Munro Parlophone E-5699
  Nov.1926 But Not Today Maurice Elwin & another Parlophone E-5713
  Dec.1926 It All Depends On You Maurice Elwin & another Parlophone E-5713
  Feb.1927 I Just Want To Be Known As "Susie's Feller" Maurice Elwin Parlophone E-5741
  Feb.1927 The Riff Song Maurice Elwin Parlophone E-5762
  Sep.1927 Souvenirs trio Parlophone E-5901
  Apr.1928 Westward Bound Eddie Collis Parlophone R-102 (Roof Garden Orch.)
  Sep.14, 1928 I Caught Two Cods Cuddling Leslie Sarony Parlophone E-6076 (Comedy Dance Orch.)
  Oct.9, 1928 Stay Out Of The South Ord Hamilton Parlophone E-6099 (Comedy Dance Orch.)
  Nov.13, 1928 Dance And Song Medley, Part 1
(That's My Weakness Now; Just A Little Fond Affection (vCO'C); My Inspiration Is You (vEC); Stay Out Of The South)
Cavan O'Connor & Elsie Carlisle Parlophone E-6107 (Parlophone Variety Co.)
  Mar. 26, 1929 A Dicky Bird Told Me So Maurice Elwin Parlophone E-6147 (Comedy Dance Orch.)
  Aug.29, 1929 I'm Thirsty For Kisses, Hungry For Love Cavan O'Connor Parlophone E-6198 (Comedy Dance Orch.)

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Cecil & Leslie Norman Aug.1930 A Bench In The Park Cavan O'Connor Goodson 255 (The Collegians)
  Sep.1930 If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love   Goodson 256 (The Ritz-Carlton Band)
  Oct.1930 I Don't Mind Walking In The Rain Jack Plant Goodson 305 (The Savoy Plaza Band)
  Oct.1930 Take Along A Little Love Jack Plant Goodson 306 (The Savoy Plaza Band)
  Oct.1930 After Your Kiss Jack Plant Goodson 302 (The Radio Revellers)
  Oct.1930 Little White Lies Jack Plant Goodson 308 (The Collegians)
  Nov.1930 Loving You The Way I Do Jack Plant Goodson 310 (White Way Serenaders)
  Nov.1930 Without My Gal Jack Plant Goodson 310 (White Way Serenaders)
  Dec.1930 Who Cares ? (As Long As There's Love) Jack Plant Goodson 320 (The Savoy Plaza Band)
  Jan-Feb 1931 Okay, Baby Cavan O'Connor Goodson 330 (The Savoy Plaza Band)
  Jan-Feb 1931 Sing A Happy Little Thing Jack Plant Goodson 331 (The Radio Revellers)

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Jack Payne Oct.19, 1928 Down By The Old Front Gate Jack Payne and trio Columbia 5118
  Mar. 21, 1929 Looking At You Jack Payne Columbia 5332
  June 27, 1929 This Is Heaven Jack Payne Columbia 5452
  Aug.27, 1929 Get Up Nice And Early Leslie Sarony; Tommy Handley Columbia 5555
  Dec.12, 1929 Satisfied   Columbia 5678
  Mar. 1, 1930 The Man From The South Jack Payne Columbia CB-28
  June 28, 1930 With My Guitar And You Jack Plant Columbia CB-107
  Sep.26, 1930 That's Where The South Begins Jack Payne Columbia CB-143
  Oct.20, 1930 Say "Oui", Cherie Jack Payne Columbia CB-174
  Dec.13, 1930 I Want A Little Girl Jack Payne Columbia CB-208
  Feb.17, 1931 When Kentucky Bids The World "Good Morning" Jack Payne Columbia CB-233
  Apr.23, 1931 Come And Have A Cuddle On The Common Jack Payne; Jack Jackson Columbia CB-275
  June 12, 1931 Moonlight Saving Time Billy Scott-Coomber Columbia CB-308
  June 25, 1931 I Found You Jack Payne Columbia CB-320
  Sep.25, 1931 That's What I Like About You Billy Scott-Coomber; Jack Payne Columbia CB-358
  Oct.26, 1931 Rhythmatitis Jack Payne, Billy Scott-Coomber Regal MR-496
  Nov.21, 1931 Guilty Billy Scott-Coomber Columbia CB-386
Van Phillips Nov.13, 1928 Sometimes (waltz) Al Bowlly Columbia 5209
  Nov.28, 1928 A Garden In The Rain Eddie Brandt Columbia 5191
  Jan. 7, 1929 The Five Step Eddie Brandt Columbia 5245
  Jan. 29. 1929 I'm Sorry, Sally Eddie Brandt Columbia 5265
  Nov.25, 1929 Aren't We All ? Billy Milton Columbia 5512
  Jan. 14, 1930 I'm Like A Sailor Billy Milton Columbia CB-6
  Mar. 3, 1930 The Wind In The Willows Billy Milton Columbia CB-30
  Apr.17, 1930 Reach Out For A Rainbow Sam Browne Columbia CB-97
  Apr.17, 1930 I'd Rather Have  A Memory Of You Sam Browne Columbia CB-60
  Apr.29, 1930 Just Like In A Story Book Sam Browne Columbia CB-67
  Oct.3, 1930 Without My Gal Billy Milton Columbia CB-146
  Oct.3, 1930 Take Along A Little Love   Columbia CB-160
  Oct.13, 1930 Living A Life Of Dreams Lou Abelardo Columbia CB-158
  Oct.13, 1930 Two Of Everything Lou Abelardo Columbia CB-150
  Oct.20, 1930 Why Am I So Romantic ? Lou Abelardo Columbia CB-161
  Nov.12, 1930 I'm Doin' That Thing Maurice Elwin Columbia CB-171
  Nov.12, 1930 Dancing On The Ceiling Maurice Elwin Columbia CB-172
Piccadilly Players Apr.20, 1928 Yummy Yum Yum Eddie Grossbart Columbia 4907
(dir: Al Starita) Apr.20, 1928 I Want To Be Alone With Mary Brown Eddie Grossbart Columbia 4886
  May 30, 1928 Do The Sugar Step With Me   Columbia 4930
  July 7, 1928 Happy Go Lucky Lane Eddie Grossbart Columbia 4977
  Aug.21, 1928 Saskatchewan Eddie Grossbart Columbia 5004
  Sep.15, 1928 Funny Face Eddie Grossbart Columbia 5108
  Oct.6, 1928 If I Had You Eddie Grossbart Columbia 5022
  Oct.24, 1928 I Know That My Baby Is Cheatin' On Me Florence Oldham Columbia 5120
  Nov.9, 1928 Sweet Lorraine Eddie Grossbart Columbia 5208
  Dec.5, 1928 Just Give The Southland To Me Eddie Grossbart trio Columbia 5190
  Jan. 11, 1929 Blue Grass Barrie Oliver Columbia 5225
  Feb.22, 1929 Po-Kee O-Kee Oh! Eddie Grossbart & Al Starita Columbia 5285
  Mar. 9, 1929 Who Did? You Did Betty Bolton Columbia 5308
  Apr.13, 1929 Bogey Wail (A Weird Affair) Betty Bolton Columbia 5372
  May 24, 1929 Where Do I Want To Be? Harry Shalson Columbia 5421
  June 1, 1929 My Mother's Eyes Harry Shalson Columbia 5418
  June 28, 1929 You Want Lovin', But I Want Love Whoopee Boys Columbia 5483
  Aug.23, 1929 Kansas City Kitty Eddie Collis Columbia 5539
  Nov.22, 1929 Smiling Irish Eyes Peter Pounds, with Les Allen & Al Starita Columbia 5654

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Oscar Rabin May 9, 1933 Wear A Great Big Smile Sam Browne & the Three Ginx Plaza P-118 (Plaza Dance Band)
  May 9, 1933 Deep Water Elsie Carlisle Plaza P-103 (Brockman's Band)
  June 27, 1933 Hiawatha's Lullaby Jack Plant Plaza P-116 (Ben Fields & his Band)
  Aug.9, 1933 Shuffle Off To Buffalo Harry Bentley Plaza P-128 (The Crackerjacks)
  Aug.9, 1933 You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me Harry Bentley Plaza P-128 (The Crackerjacks)
  Aug.9, 1933 I Don't Like Her Dog Fido Dan Donovan Plaza P-186 (Plaza Dance Band)
  Sep.29, 1933 Night And Day Dan Donovan Plaza P-157 (Plaza Dance Band)
  Sep.29, 1933 Weep No More, My Baby Dan Donovan Plaza P-177 (The Twelve Cavaliers)
  Sep.29, 1933 I've Gotta Get Up And Go To Work Dan Donovan Plaza P-142 (Alf Bertram & his Band)
  Oct.12, 1933 Give A Cheer Dan Donovan Plaza P-157 (Plaza Dance Band)
  Oct.12, 1933 The Golden King Shuffle   Lewis L-28   (Ben Findley's Dance Band)
  Oct.12, 1933 Romany Blues   Plaza P-155 (Alf Bertram & his Band)
  Oct.12, 1933 Betcha Life I Do Harry Davis Plaza P-165 (The Twelve Cavaliers)
  Oct.12, 1933 Wasting The Evening Away Dan Donovan Plaza P-389 (Al Gold & his Band)
  Nov.3, 1933 It's The Talk Of The Town Harry Davis Plaza P-193 (Art Willis & his Band)
  Jan. 18, 1934 Violet Ray Blues   Plaza P-209 (Willie Freeman's Dance O)
  Jan. 18, 1934 Hawaiian Dream Of Love Harry Bentley Plaza P-210 (Tony Miller & his Band)
  Aug.22, 1938 I Fall In Love With You Every Day Garry Gowan Rex 9362
  Aug.22, 1938 This Time It's Real Beryl Davis Rex 9362
  Sep.28, 1938 Goodbye To Summer Beryl Davis Rex 9384
  Sep.28, 1938 On The Sentimental Side Garry Gowan Rex 9395
  Sep.28, 1938 Now It Can Be Told Garry Gowan Rex 9395
  Jan. 11, 1939 Day Dreaming Garry Gowan Rex 9473
  Jan. 11, 1939 I Wanna Go Back To Bali The Romaniacs Rex 9473
  Mar. 14, 1939 They Say Garry Gowan Rex 9512
  Mar. 14, 1939 My First Goodnight Beryl Davis Rex 9512
  May 12, 1939 The Funny Old Hills Garry Gowan Rex 9550
  May 12, 1939 Angels Never Leave Heaven Garry Gowan Rex 9550
  Aug.4, 1939 Especially For You Beryl Davis Rex 9606
  Aug.4, 1939 Sing, My Heart Garry Gowan Rex 9606
  Nov.8, 1939 An Apple For The Teacher Beryl Davis & Garry Gowan Rex 9671
  Nov.8, 1939 A Man And His Dream Garry Gowan Rex 9671
  Jan. 18, 1940 (Why Couldn't It Last) Last Night? Garry Gowan Rex 9717
  Jan. 18, 1940 I Hear A Dream Beryl Davis Rex 9717
  Apr.8, 1940 No Souvenirs Diane Rex 9769
  Aug.1, 1940 Exactly Like You   Rex 9839
  Aug.1, 1940 Wrappin' It Up   Rex 9839
  Nov.8, 1940 I'm Nobody's Baby Beryl Davis Rex 9885
  Nov.8, 1940 If I Only Had Wings Ken Beaumont Rex 9885
  Apr.30, 1941 It's Foolish But It's Fun Beryl Davis Rex 9980
  Dec.18, 1941 Wrap Yourself In Cotton Wool Beryl Davis Rex 10090
  Dec.18, 1941 When Night Is Thru' Bob Dale Rex 10090
  Feb.10, 1942 Baby Mine Diane Rex 10112
  May 10, 1945 My Guy's Come Back /
The Positive
  Decca MW-321
  May 10, 1945 Boston Bounce /
We've Got Something To Sing About
  Decca MW-321
Bert Ralton Nov.30, 1925 Isn't She The Sweetest Thing?   Columbia 3826
  Nov.30, 1925 Headin' For Home   Columbia 3825
  Dec.17, 1925 Over My Shoulder   Columbia 3860
  Feb.13, 1926 The Two Of Us   Columbia 3910
  May 21, 1926 Carolina Harry Shalson Columbia 4019
  July 2, 1926 Could I? I Certainly Could Harry Shalson Columbia 4041
  July 2, 1926 The Pump Song Bert Ralton Columbia 4042
  July 2, 1926 Fiddle-Dee-Dee-Dee-Dee Bert Ralton Columbia 4042
  Sep.1, 1926 I Never See Maggie Alone Bert Ralton Columbia 4092
Rio Grande Band Sep.19, 1927 Zulu Wail   HMV B-5355 (Rio Grande Tango Band)
  Sep.19, 1927 A Blue Serenade   HMV B-5355 (Rio Grande Tango Band)
  Nov.1, 1927 Baltimore   HMV B-5392
  Nov.1, 1927 No-One But You Knows How To Love   HMV B-5392
  Nov.1, 1927 I Call You Sugar   HMV B-5389
  Nov.1, 1927 Every Little Thing I Do   HMV B-5389
  Feb.7, 1928 Do That Heebie Jeebie Dance   HMV B-5438
  Feb.7, 1928 Sister Phoebe's Danced The Heebie Jeebies   HMV B-5438
  Apr.24, 1928 Give Me A Tune To Set Me Dancin'   HMV B-5505
  Apr.24, 1928 The Stop Trot   HMV B-5478
  Apr.24, 1928 Broken-Hearted Sue Roger del Castro HMV B-5478
  June 29, 1928 Sentimental Baby Roger del Castro HMV B-5505
R.M.S. "Homeric" June 2, 1933 Talking To You About Me Sam Browne Columbia CB-634
Dance Band June 2, 1933 I Wish I Had Wings Sam Browne Columbia CB-635
  June 2, 1933 My Love Song Sam Browne Columbia CB-634
  June 2, 1933 Have You Had A Good Day Today? (6/8) Sam Browne Columbia CB-635
Arthur Rosebery Nov.16, 1928 He Loves And She Loves Jack Hart Parlophone R-240
  Jan. 14, 1929 I'm Crazy Over You Bobby Sanders Parlophone R-291
  Mar. 1, 1929 If I Had You Len Lees Parlophone R-302
  Mar. 1, 1929 Spread A Little Happiness Len Lees Parlophone R-302
  Mar. 1, 1929 I'm A One Man Girl   Parlophone R-303
  June 7, 1929 Broadway Melody Len Lees and trio Parlophone R-383
  June 14, 1929 Breakaway Len Lees and trio Parlophone R-390
  June 14, 1929 Big City Blues   Parlophone R-390
  Aug.30, 1929 Fox Movietone Follies of 1929, part 1   Parlophone R-425
  Aug.30, 1929 Fox Movietone Follies of 1929, part 2 Len Lees and trio Parlophone R-425
  c. Aug.31, 1929 I Still Believe In You Len Lees Homochord D-1417
  c. Aug.31, 1929 Delphine Len Lees Homochord D-1417
  c. Sept. 20, 1929 Come On, Baby Pat O'Malley & Len Lees Sterno 239
  c. Sept. 20, 1929 Ain't Misbehavin' Len Lees Sterno 235
  Feb.20, 1930 Sitting On The Cold, Wet Grass Len Lees & chorus Ariel 4517 (Ariel Dance.O.)
  Feb.20, 1930 I'm On A Diet Of Love Leslie Holmes Parlophone R-598
  Feb.25, 1930 Indispensable You (intro: Far Away) Harry Bentley Parlophone R-595
  Feb.25, 1930 Body And Soul Harry Bentley Parlophone R-595
  Mar. 17, 1930 Figaro Leslie Holmes & chorus Parlophone R-622
  Mar. 17, 1930 The Wind In The Willows Harry Bentley Parlophone R-610
  Sep.1930 That Night In Venice Len Lees Parlophone R-739
  Sep.1930 My Future Just Passed Len Lees Parlophone R-746
  Sep.1930 The Pick-Up Len Lees Parlophone R-746
Harry Roy c.Sep.30, 1932 I Heard Harry Roy, Bill Currie & Ivor Moreton Parlophone R-1336
  c.Mar 14 1933 Won't You Stay To Tea? Bill Currie Parlophone R-1474
  July 14, 1933 There's A New Day Comin' Harry Roy Parlophone R-1584
  Nov.7, 1933 Black Panther Parlophone R-1677
  Jan. 4, 1934 Doggone, I've Done It Harry Roy, Bill Currie & Ivor Moreton Parlophone R-1733
  Apr.20, 1934 Music Makes Me Harry Roy, Bill Currie & Ivor Moreton Parlophone R-1816
  June 5, 1934 The Beat O' My Heart Bill Currie Parlophone R-1857
  Sep.10, 1934 I'm Hummin', I'm Whistlin', I'm Singing' Bill Currie Parlophone R-1918
  Oct.15, 1934 Dr. Heckle And Mr. Jibe Ivor Moreton Parlophone R-1967
  Dec.4, 1934 Sarawaki Harry Roy, Bill Currie & Ivor Moreton Parlophone R-2013
  Jan. 10, 1935 My Kid's A Crooner Harry Roy Parlophone F-109
  May 4, 1935 Jubilation Rag   Parlophone F-158
  May 24, 1935 You're The Top Harry Roy Parlophone F-176
  Oct.9, 1935 Mammy Bong Harry Roy Parlophone F-302
  Feb.26, 1936 This'll Make You Whistle Bill Currie Parlophone F-411
  July 13, 1936 Man Of My Dreams Elizabeth Brooke Parlophone F-520
  Oct.30, 1936 Bye, Bye Baby Harry Roy Parlophone F-592
  Apr.20, 1937 Let's Swing It Ray Ellington Parlophone F-778
  Sep.2, 1937 Shake Hands With A Millionaire Harry Roy Parlophone F-877
  Mar. 25, 1938 Ooooooooh, Boom! Harry Roy and Ray Ellington Parlophone F-1106
  Nov.1, 1939 Oh! You Crazy Moon Wendy Clare Parlophone F-1567
  Jan. 16, 1941 Victory Roll Rag Harry Roy, Bill Currie & Ivor Moreton Regal-Zonophone MR-3449
  Aug.14, 1945 I Should Care Edna Kaye Parlophone F-2090


Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Savoy Orpheans Nov.5, 1924 Go 'Long Mule George Baker Zonophone 2517 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Nov.5, 1924 Dream Daddy   Zonophone 2517 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Nov.12, 1924 The Ogo Pogo   Zonophone 2526 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Nov.19, 1924 Just Like a Beautiful Story   Zonophone 2526 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Nov.25, 1924 Baghdad   Zonophone 2539 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Mar. 31, 1925 Waiting On The Doorstep   Zonophone 2580 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Mar. 31, 1925 Rose-Marie   Zonophone 2567 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Mar. 31, 1925 Indian Love Call   Zonophone 2567 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Mar. 31, 1925 Rose Of The Moonlight   Zonophone 2581 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Mar. 31, 1925 Stars And Stripes Medley   Zonophone 2580 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  May 20, 1925 At The End Of The Road   Zonophone 2593 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  May 20, 1925 The Toy Drum Major   Zonophone 2593 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  June 10, 1925 What A Life !   Zonophone 2595 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  June 10, 1925 Bouquet   Zonophone 2595 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  June 10, 1925 Who's Loving My Sweetie Now ?   Zonophone 2606 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  June 17, 1925 Seminola   Zonophone 2606 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  July 7, 1925 Me And The Boy Friend   Zonophone 2607 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  July 7, 1925 Follow The Swallow   Zonophone 2607 (as Romaine Dance Orch.)
  Oct.30, 1925 Dinah   HMV B-2183
  Dec.22, 1925 In A Little Bungalow   HMV B-2251
  Jan. 21, 1926 Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley chorus HMV B-5003
  Feb.16, 1926 Headin' For Louisville   HMV B-5017
  Feb.16, 1926 No Man's Mamma   HMV B-5017
  Mar. 23, 1926 Fascinating Rhythm   HMV B-5030
  Apr.19, 1926 Somebody's Eyes   HMV B-5063
  June 11, 1926 I'd Rather Charleston Ramon Newton & Estelle Brody HMV B-5085
  Oct.23, 1926 How Many Times? Ramon Newton & Joe Cassidy HMV B-5147
  Dec.2, 1926 That's A Good Girl   HMV B-5182
  Dec.22, 1926 Hop Skip   HMV B-5198
  Jan 28, 1927 I'm Telling The Birds   HMV B-5214
  Mar. 2, 1927 Idolising   HMV B-5230
  Apr.27, 1927 Tea-Time Tomorrow   HMV B-5272
  July 1, 1927 Me And My Shadow   HMV B-5300
  July 1, 1927 The Blue Room Hamilton Sisters & Fordyce HMV B-5322
  Aug.16, 1927 There's Always A Way Into Trouble Ramon Newton HMV B-5338
  Sep.30, 1927 Yale Blues   HMV B-5369
  Sep.30, 1927 Moonlit Waters Ramon Newton HMV B-5369
  Oct.17, 1927 Blue Baby Ramon Newton HMV B-5382
  Nov.11, 127 Lonely Melody   HMV B-5404
  Nov.30, 1927 Underneath The Wabash Moon   HMV B-5419
Debroy Somers Mar. 9, 1927 I Would Like To Fondle You   Columbia 4302
  May 3, 1927 Roses For Remembrance Bobby Sanders Columbia 4435
  May 31, 1927 What Are We Waiting For? Sydney Nesbitt ? Columbia 4446
  July 7, 1927 Mountain Greenery   Columbia 4565
  Sep.2, 1927 Me And Jane In a 'Plane Fred Austin Columbia 4506
  Nov.2, 1927 If Your Face wants To Laugh, Well Let It Ramon Newton Columbia 4665
  Nov.18, 1927 Sugar Ramon Newton Columbia 4665
  Dec.31, 1927 Dear, On A Night Like This Ramon Newton Columbia 4729
  Jan. 27, 1928 I'm Living On Love Ramon Newton Columbia 4730
  Mar. 24, 1928 Singapore Sorrows   Columbia 4869
  Mar. 24, 1928 If We Went Back To Yesterday (waltz) Lily Burns Columbia 4869
  Apr.16, 1928 I Never Dreamt Ramon Newton & Lily Burns Columbia 4896
  June 6, 1928 Westward Bound Ramon Newton Columbia 4929
  Aug.16, 1928 Just Imagine Raymond Newell Columbia 4979
  Sep.12, 1929 More Than Anybody Ramon Newton Columbia 4999
  Oct.20, 1928 Mississippi Melody   Columbia 5121
  Nov.21, 1928 My Flame Is Just A Match For Me Bobby Sanders Columbia 5144
  Jan. 21, 1929 Sarita Tom Barratt Columbia 5249
  Feb.21, 1929 Misery Farm Tom Barratt Columbia 5269
  Feb.23, 1929 Just The Type For Me Bobby Sanders Columbia 5302
  Mar. 16, 1929 Flower Of Love Miss Horsley Columbia 5325
  June 17, 1929 Do Something Tom Barratt Regal G-9408
  June 17, 1929 Jericho Tom Barratt Regal G-9408
  July 5, 1929 Dancing Goblin   Columbia 5498
  Sep.17, 1929 Savoy Christmas Medley (fox trot) male quartet Columbia 5441
  Sep.17, 1929 Savoy Christmas Medley (one step) male quartet Columbia 5441
  Nov.4, 1929 The Doll's House Tom Barratt Columbia 5630
  Nov.14, 1929 Painting The Clouds With Sunshine Tom Barratt & trio Regal G-9452
  Dec.19, 1929 In The Moonlight (Think Of You, Think Of Me) Tom Barratt Columbia 5700
Nat Star Feb.14, 1924 Felix Kept On Walking   Homochord H-533 (Selwin's Dance Orch)
  Dec.22, 1927 Oh, Baby, Don't We Get Along Maurice Elwin Homochord D-1194
  Feb.21, 1928 I Ain't Got Nobody Maurice Elwin Homochord D-1231
  Dec.31, 1928 You're In My Heart (But Never In My Arms) Maurice Elwin Homochord P-10013
  Feb.26, 1929 Nagasaki Maurice Elwin Homochord D-1321 (Eugene Brockman)
  Jan. 25, 1929 S'Wonderful Fred Douglas Sterno 113
(Lester Conn's D. B.)
  Feb.28, 1929 Dancing Shadows   Sterno 142
(Bert Maddison's D.O.)
  July 12, 1929 Honey Cavan O'Connor Sterno 190
(Bernie Blake & his O.)
  Nov.1, 1929 Smiling Irish Eyes Maurice Elwin Homochord D-1434 (Roylance & his band)
  Nov.21, 1929 Every Now And Then Tom Barratt Sterno 278 (Bert Maddison's D. O.)
  Dec.13, 1929 An Old Italian Love Song Joe Lee Sterno 329
(Bernie Blake & his O.)
  May 12, 1930 You Can't Believe My Eyes Tom Barratt Sterno 413
(Bernie Blake & his O.)
  Aug.8, 1930 I Love You So Much Cavan O'Connor Sterno 550
(Bert Maddison's D.O.)
  Sep.24, 1930 Little White Lies Cavan O'Connor Sterno 547
  Mar. 30, 1931 Blue Again Tom Barratt Sterno 685
  Aug.5, 1931 Ho Hum Tom Barratt Sterno 765
  Oct.29, 1931 The Longer That You Linger In Virginia Geoff Howard Sterno 817
  Aug.6, 1932 Humming To Myself Les Allen Sterno 1008
(Andre Astan & his O.)
  May 15, 1933 Something Came And Got Me In The Spring Sam Browne Plaza P-105
(Brockman's Band)
  Oct.13, 1933 Certainly! Why Not Tom Barratt Plaza P-162
(Plaza Dance Band)
  June 21, 1934 The Breeze Leslie Douglas Sterno 1451
(Sterno Dance Band)
Ray Starita May 17, 1928 I'm Saving Saturday Night For You Phil Arnold Columbia 4910
  May 24, 1928 An' Furthermore Les Reis Columbia 4915
  May 24, 1928 Teach Me To Dance Like Grandma Les Reis Columbia 4915
  June 13, 1928 I Call You Sugar   Columbia 4943
  Sep.29, 1928 Crazy Rhythm Eddie Grossbart, Ray Starita + 1 Columbia 5137
  Oct.11, 1928 Spread A Little Happiness Eddie Grossbart Columbia 5228
  Nov.28, 1928 I Think Of What You Used To Think Of Me Eddie Grossbart Columbia 5179
  Mar. 2, 1929 I Ain't Never Been Kissed Phil Arnnold Couimbia 5304
  Mar. 22, 1929 Second Hand Rose Betty Bolton Columbia 5361
  May 4, 1929 The Wedding Of The Painted Doll Betty Bolton Columbia 5380
  May 4, 1929 Wake Up! Chillun, Wake Up! Betty Bolton Columbia 5380
Lew Stone Nov.9, 1935 Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart Sam Browne Decca F-5782
  Nov.9, 1935 Etude   Decca F-5783
  Apr.16, 1936 The Glory Of Love Alfie Noakes, Joe Crossman & Don Barrigo Decca F-5960
  Oct.6, 1936 Unbelievable Bert Yarlett Decca F-6133
  Nov.20, 1936 Sing Me A Swing Song Tiny Winters Decca F-6289
  June 1, 1937 Was It Rain? Sam Costa Decca F-6409
  July 3, 1937 Slumming On Park Avenue Joe Crossman Decca F-6451
  Sep.6, 1937 The Wind And The Rain Sam Costa Decca F-6469
  Mar. 21, 1938 An Amazon Goes A-Wooing   Decca F-6679
  Aug.15, 1938 I Won't Tell A Soul Al Bowlly Decca F-6763
  Sep.26, 1938 Plastered In Paris   Decca F-6796
  Nov.28, 1938 All Ashore Al Bowlly Decca F-6890
  Jan. 30, 1940 I Want The Waiter (With Thw Water) Sid Colin & chorus Decca F-7397
  May 10, 1940 Too Romantic Wendy Claire Decca F-7490
Hal Swain June 20, 1927 Half-A-Moon Hal Swain Regal G-8903
  Dec.6, 1927 Saxophobia ((featuring Hal Swain, alto-sax)   Regal G-9040
  Feb.17, 1928 Baltimore Hal Swain Regal G-9059
  May 4, 1928 Sunny Skies Trio Regal G-9130
  June 1, 1928 Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie Hal Swain Regal G-9163
  Oct.22, 1928 'S Wonderful Hal Swain Regal G-9251
  Jan. 2, 1929 You're In My Heart, But Never In My Arms Hal Swain Regal G-9252
  Feb.21, 1929 I'm A One-Man Girl Hal Swain Regal G-9295
  Feb.21, 1929 Spread A Little Happiness Hal Swain Regal G-9295
  May 13, 1929 Ever So Goosey Hal Swain & Cecil Woods Regal G-9363
  Sep.26, 1929 Excuse Me, Lady Hal Swain Regal G-9436
  Oct.26, 1929 Come On, Baby Hal Swain Regal G-9436
  Dec.21, 1929 Lonesome Little Doll   Regal G-8470
  Feb.13, 1930 Duke Of Ka-Ki-Ak Tom Barratt Regal MR-30
  Mar. 14, 1930 Hang On To Me Hal Swain Regal MR-48
  Oct.1930 Without A Song Hal Swain Broadcast 632
  Nov.1930 That's Where The South Begins Hal Swain Broadcast 652
  Jan. 1931 Sweet Jennie Lee Trio Broadcast 670
  Feb.1931 Here Comes The Sun unidentified Broadcast 688
  Apr.1931 The Little Things In Life Tom Barratt Broadcast 709
  June 1931 Lazy Day Jack Plant Imperial 2505
  Sep.1931 If You're Really And Truly In Love Hal Swain Imperial 2565
  Nov.1931 Dream A Little Dream Of Me Jack Plant Imperial 2592
  Dec.1931 Yes! Yes! (My Baby Said "Yes") Hal Swain Imperial 2608

Band Recording Date Tune Title Vocalist(s) Label & Issue No.
Jay Whidden Aug.16, 1928 Blue Bird, Sing Me A Song   Imperial 1935
  Sep.14, 1928 I Want To Be Alone With Mary Brown Phil Arnold Imperial 1957
  Oct.5, 1928 Just A Little Kiss Jay Whidden Imperial 1971
  Oct.19, 1928 Sascatchewan Jay Whidden Imperial 1982
  Oct.19, 1928 Virginia (There's A Blue Ridge In My Heart) Jay Whidden Imperial 1982
  Oct.19, 1928 Sweet Ukulele Maid Jay Whidden Imperial 1981
  Nov.9, 1928 All By Yourself In The Moonlight Jay Whidden Imperial 1996
  Jan. 11, 1929 She's A Great, Great Girl Jay Whidden's Rhythm Boys Imperial 2010
  Jan. 14, 1929 Louisiana Fred Douglas Imperial 2024
  Jan. 14, 1929 I'm Crazy Over You Fred Douglas Imperial 2025
  Apr.1929 Spread A Little Happiness Fred Douglas Imperial 2053
  Apr.1929 A Dicky Bird Told Me So Fred Douglas Imperial 2053
  June 12, 1929 Is Izzy Azzy Wozz? Fred Douglas Imperial 2089
  June 12, 1929 When I Met Connie In The Cornfield Fred Douglas Imperial 2088
  July 1929 Looking At You Jay Whidden Imperial 2113
  Oct.11, 1929 Hittin' The Ceiling Jay Whidden Imperial 2127
  Oct.11, 1929 Hot Footin' It Jay Whidden Imperial 2127
  Oct.11, 1929 I'm Thirsty For Kisses, Hungry For Love Jay Whidden Imperial 2126
Jay Wilbur October, 1928 A Room With A View Eddie Gross-Bart Dominion A-10
(Deauville Dance O.)
  October, 1928 Stay Out Of The South Eddie Gross-Bart Dominion A-5
(Midnight Serenaders)
  October, 1928 Sweet So-And-So Eddie Gross-Bart Dominion A-15
(Midnight Serenaders)
  October, 1928 Down By The Old Front Gate Eddie Bross-Bart Dominion A-20
  Nov. 1928 Roll Away, Clouds Eddie Gross-Bart Dominion A-17
  Dec. 1928 Where Have You Been All My Life? Tom Barratt Dominion A-22
  Dec. 1928 All By Yourself In The Moonlight Jack Hart Dominion A-50
(Midnight Serenaders)
  Dec. 1928 Oh! What A Night To Love Jack Hart Dominion A-51
(Midnight Serenaders)
  Dec. 1928 What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be Jack Hart Dominion A-54
  Dec. 1928 Nobody's Fault But Your Own Jack Hart Dominion A-53
(Deauville Dance Orch.)
  Jan., 1929 I'm Crazy Over You Jack Hart & Cavan O'Connor Dominion A-64
  Feb. 1929 I Ain't Never Been Kissed Cavan O'Connor Dominion A-82
(Deauville Dance O.)
  Feb. 1929 My Southern Home Tom Barratt Dominion A-81
  Mar., 1929 Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love Tom Barratt & Jack Hart Dominion A-91
  Feb.2, 1931 Here Comes The Sun David O'Rourke Eclipse 21
(Connecticut Collegians)
  Feb.3, 1931 Go Home And Tell Your Mother Jack Plant Eclipse 14
(Connecticut Collegians)
  Mar. 24, 1931 Love Birds Are Better Than Blue Birds Jack Plant Eclipse 65
(The Biltmore Players
  Mar. 24, 1931 You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me Jack Plant Eclipse 27
(Connecticut Collegians)
  May 18, 1931 When I Heard You Say "I Love You " Jack Plant Eclipse 45
(Connecticut Collegians)
  May 26, 1931 Would You Like To Take A Walk? Les Allen Eclipse 58
(Connecticut Collegians)
  Aug.19, 1931 Time On My Hands Jack Plant Eclipse 78
(The Hottentots)
  Sep.3, 1931 Tie A Little String Around Your Finger Billy Scott-Coomber Eclipse 91
(Ambassadors Twelve)
  Sep.4, 1931 Pardon Me, Pretty Baby Les Allen Eclipse 96
(The Radio Syncopators
  Oct.14, 1931 I Wonder Who's Under Her Window Tonight Les Allen Eclipse 113
(The Hottentots)
  Nov.13, 1931 I Left My Heart In Panama Les Allen Eclipse 132
(The Radio Syncopators)
  Dec.9, 1931 Sweet And Lovely Sam Browne Eclipse 142
(The Biltmore Players)
  Dec.9, 1931 Song Of Happiness Sam Browne Eclipse 143
(The Hottentots)
  Dec.10, 1931 Day After Day Les Allen Eclipse 142
(The Biltmore Players)
  Dec.10, 1931 How Bright Everything Seems Leslie Rome Eclipse 151
(The Hottentots)
  Dec.15, 1931 Yes, Yes, My Baby Said Yes! Les Allen Eclipse 165
(The Hottentots)
  Dec.19, 1931 Joey The Clown Leslie Sarony Eclipse 149
(Connecticut Collegians)
  Jan. 15, 1932 Today I Feel So Happy Leslie Sarony & chorus Eclipse 151
(The Hottentots)
  Jan. 22, 1932 When All's Said And Done Cavan O'Connor Eclipse 157
 The Radio Syncopators)
  Mar. 17, 1932 I Only Hear The Echo Jack Plant Eclipse 178
(Ambassadors Twelve)
Marius B. Winter c. Sep.15, 1930 Harmonica Harry George Melachrino with Marius B Winter + ? Broadcast 12 2587
  c.Sep.19, 1930 Swingin' In A Hammock Marius B. Winter Broadcast 12 2587
  c. Oct.6, 1930 Don't Tell Her What's Happened To Me George Melachrino Broadcast 12 2593
  c. Oct.6, 1930 My Future Just Passed George Melachrino Broadcast 12 2594
  c. Oct.6, 1930 The King's Horses  Marius B. Winter Broadcast 12 2594
  c.Nov.17 1930 Soldier On The Shelf Marius B. Winter Broadcast 12 2600
  c.Nov.17 1930 Oh! Donna Clara Marius B. Winter Broadcast 12 2599
  c.Nov.17 1930 What A Perfect Night For Love Al Bowlly Broadcast 12 2599
  c.Nov.17 1930 Beware Of Love Al Bowlly Broadcast 12 2600
  c. Dec.5, 1930 Sing Something Simple Marius B. Winter Broadcast 12 2606
  c. Dec.5, 1930 Never Swat A Fly Al Bowlly Broadcast 12 2606
  c. Dec.5, 1930 Sunny Days Marius B. Winter & Al Bowlly Broadcast 12 2607
  c. Dec.5, 1930 Roaming Thru' The Roses Al Bowlly Broadcast 12 2607
  c.Jan. 13 1931 I Am Only The Words, You Are The Melody Marius B. Winter Broadcast 12 3003
  c. Jan 13 1931 There's Something About An Old Fashioned Girl Al Bowlly Broadcast 12 3003
  c. Jan 13 1931 Okay, Baby Marius B. Winter + ? Broadcast 12 3004
  c. Jan 13 1931 A Little Love Song Al Bowlly Broadcast 12 3004
  c. Feb.2, 1931 Cheerful Little Earful Joe Lee Broadcast 12 3034
  c. Feb.2, 1931 The Peanut Vendor unknown Broadcast 12 3019
  c. Feb.2, 1931 Choo Choo   Broadcast 12 3019
  c. Feb.23 1931 Them There Eyes    Joe Lee Broadcast 12 3035
  c. Feb.23 1931 Tap Your Feet Marius B. Winter + 2 Broadcast 12 3036
  c. Apr.17 1931 Oh! Rosalita Val Rosing Broadcast 12 3048
  c. Apr.17 1931 Laughing At The Rain Val Rosing Broadcast 12 3047
  c. Apr.17 1931 You'll Be Mine In Apple-Blossom Time Val Rosing Broadcast 12 3048
  c. Apr.17 1931 Hello, Beautiful Val Rosing Broadcast 12 3047
George 'Scott' Wood Feb.1931 The One Man Band Maurice Elwin, Fred Douglas and one other Ariel 4687
(Ariel Dance Orch)
  Feb.1931 We're Friends Again Maurice Elwin, Fred Douglas and one other Parlophone R-901
  Apr.1931 Happy I Found You Maurice Elwin plus one Ariel 4744
(Ariel Dance Orch.)
  Oct.10, 1933 After You, Who? Sam Browne Regal-Zono MR-1064
  Oct.30, 1933 This Is Romance Sam Browne Regal-Zono MR-1135
  Dec.2, 1933 Come Up And See Me Sometime Sam Browne Regal-Zono MR-1171
  Jan. 4, 1934 Who Walks In When I Walk Out? Sam Browne Regal-Zono MR-1192
  Feb.8, 1934 Dixie Lee Trio Regal-Zono MR-1231
  Mar. 23, 1934 Keep Tempo Sam Browne Regal-Zono MR-1296
  Mar. 23, 1934 Let's Fall In Love Sam Browne Regal-Zono MR-1285
  Oct.13, 1934 Sitting Beside O' You Harry Bentley Regal-Zono MR-1455
  Dec.3, 1934 I Only Have Eyes For You Jack Plant Regal-Zono MR-1524
  Nov.12, 1935 Magic unknown Regal-Zono MR-1927
(The Moonlight Revellers)
  Oct.25, 1937 Then You've Never Been In Love Sam Costa Regal-Zono MR-2613
(Wally Bishop & his B.)
  Oct.12, 1938 It's The Rhythm In Me Sam Costa Regal-Zono MR-2885
(Wally Bishop & his B.)
  Apr.15, 1939 Good For Nothin' Sam Costa Regal-Zono MR-3050
(Wally Bishop & his B.)

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