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There are two and possibly three completely different 'Standard" labels and all are very scarce, so details here will be somewhat sparse!

Firstly was an Edison Bell product from pre-WWI, wit a quite plain black label and gold lettering (see first example, right). This image is of the only one I have ever had. It had not been discovered for who this was produced, like other similarly scarce Edison Bell "clones" of this period.

Secondly, around the same period the Sound Record Company (whose labels include Grammavox & Popular) also produced a "Standard" record. These were manufactured by Crystalate. The first example I've ever seen turned up in 2022 in Tasmania, implying to me that these were probably made for export to the Antipodes. The label design is almost identical to the similarly obscure "Stavophone" record of the same period, also made by Sound Recording Company/Crystalate, which may also turn out to be an export-only label (if any ever turn up!).
From this sole example
(kindly sent to me by David Kent), it can be seen that Standard S-44 is actually the same as "Popular" P-44. It may be that the two labels share a catalogue, but maybe it is too much to assume that based on just one example.

Finally, in the 1920s, Crystalate, makers of Imperial records, produced some issues from their Imperial catalogue issued on a Standard label, see other images here. Again it is not know the reason for this label, and as I mentioned before, they are very scarce. There is a link here, as Crystalate were the actual manufacturers of Grammavox & Popular mentioned above, and absorbed the Sound Recording Company in the early 1920s, so would be the current owner of the name Standard.

Considering the name of the label, all versions of Standard are very scarce today, most liekly reflecting a very limited distribution.

Edison Bell manufacture

SRC manufactred

(courtesy Norman Field)

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Thanks to the following people who have sent me extra information:
Mike Comber, Adrian Daff, Norman Field, David Kent

Page last updated on: March 03, 2023

Firstly, the pre-war Edison Bell series. Most of this information is from Frank Andrews' research.

Cat No Matrix No. Title Artist Original Issue
1037 2221
Walk, Walk, Walk
I'm Going To Sing A Song
Joe Belmont (whistling)
Sam Mayo
Bell 71
Bell 79
1073 2063
"Carmen" - Toreador's Song (Bizet)
The March Of The Cameron Men
Bridge Peters (bass)
T.F. Kinniburgh (bass)
Bell 15
Bell 31
1085 2287
Ship Ahoy!
Harry Clifton
George Wilson
Bell 104
Bell 150
1091 2061 (11) Yeoman's Wedding Song Bridge Peters (bass, with orch accmp) (= Ivor Foster) Bell 11
1099 2288
2289 (106)
Abide With Me
Rock Of Ages
T.F. Kinniburgh (bass) Bell 106
1119 2114
Excelsior, parts 1 & 2 A. Watson & Bridge Peters Bell 23
1145 2358 (142) Yip-I-Addy-I-Ay Charles Harrington (= Harry Bluff) Bell 144
2409 (185) I've Got Rings On My Fingers Fred Vernon (= Harry Fay) Bell 185
1157 2028 (163) The Church Parade London Regimental Band Bell 4
1215 2487
Popular Melodies (intro. Silvery Sands; Rings On My Fingers; Hi Hi Hi Mr McKie; Sweet Caroline;  Bridget McKie; Flanagan) King Edward's Horse Bell 229

Next the Pre-WWI Crystalate product:

Cat No Matrix No. Title Artist Original Issue
S-44 2063
Let Me Like A Soldier Fall
Off To Philadelphia
Albert Prior (tenor)
Fred Yorke (bass)
Popular P-44

Now the 1920s Crystalate product:

Cat No Matrix No. Title Artist Original Issue
364 3656
Irish Medley (Geehl)
Union Jack Medley (Mainwaring)
Standard Syncopators (= Stan Greening's Dance Orchestra) Imperial 1346
Imperial 1380
384 813 (6381)
844 (6430)
Looking For A Boy
That Certain Feeling
Lester Coyne's Dance Orchestra (= Nathan Glantz & his Orch.) Imperial 1625 (Ban 1678)
Imperial 1625 (Ban 1698)
387 784 (6421)
819 (6517)
Always (waltz) (Irving Berlin)
Honeybunch (Cliff Friend)
Lester Coyne's Dance Orchestra (= Nathan Glantz & his Orch.)
Lester Coyne's Dance Orch (= Adrian Schubert's Dance Orch.)
Imperial 1573
Imperial 1599
400 4481-2 Chinese Moon Crisp Cole's Serenaders (= Teddy Brown's Cafe de Paris Band) Imperial 1642
520 167 Old Comrades, march The Standard Military Band Grammavox A-98
521 2625 The Robbers' March ("Chu Chin Chow") (Norton) Standard Military Band Popular P-900
2628 The Stars And Stripes For Ever (Sousa) Popular P-901
529 176 The Smithy In The Wood (Michaelis) Standard Military Band Grammavox A-104
177 A Hunting Scene (Bucalossi)