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Portland records were sold by Currys, probably in the 1920s, as a sideline to their successful Bicycle manufacturing business. All Portland records are paste-over labels upon existing Winner issues, although some of the red-labelled ones are cleverly disguised by having the label fit neatly into the sunken central area of the Winner record.

Currys obviously had an arrangement with J.E. Hough Ltd (who produced the Winner records) but whether they obtained the records in bulk or gradually as they went out of catalogue, I don't know.

There were three series of Portland records, and some of the Winners being over-stuck and sold as Portland could have been as much as 5 years old at the time. The extent of each of the series is unknown.

Series 1: A pale blue label with gold printing, which makes them almost impossible to read. The label shows no artists names, just the type of music, and the catalogue was in a 1000-series. The original Winners on known examples all date from pre-1920.

Series 2: A dark red label of the same design as "Westport" (another Currys Winner over-paste, q.v.) with black printing. The artists names generally match the ones on the Winner label beneath and the catalogue is in an 8000-series

Series 3: A mauve label with dark blue printing and a catalogue in a 9000-series. The label states "Curry 1927 Ltd" though the original Winners found with this label are usually from about 1924 !

Series 1

Series 2

series 3

This is a first attempt at a listing. Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

Thanks to the following who have provided extra information: Ian McPherson, Roger Mallatratt, Richard Prout

Page last updated on: May 10, 2018

Cat No Matrix Title Desc Artists Winner
1053    (1928)
The Tram Conductor
The Man Behind The Bar
  Harry Bluff 2997
1087 5541 (2268)
5542 (2269)
Oh, You Cuddlesome Girl
Early In The Morning
Song Stanley Kirkby & Harry Hudson 3166
1094 5559 (2296)
5558 (2297)
When The Bells Of Peace Are Ringing
Sergeant Daddy, V.C.
Song Stanley Kirkby 3180
1117 5702
Uncle Sam's Got A Great Big Stick
Song The Two Bobs 3257
1118 5695
He May Be Old, But He's Got Young Ideas
I've Just Gone And Lost That Darned Old Train Again
Song (Stanley) Kirkby & (Harry) Hudson 3262
1121 5900
The Jingaboo Man
Torpedo Jim
Song The Two Bobs 3302
1124 ? 6032
A Lonely Soul
Someone Else May Be There While I'm Gone
Song Stanley Kirkby 3321
1125 6012
Everybody's Jazzing Now
Our Big Jazz Band
Song The Elliotts 3322


Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Winner
8001 5106 (2018)
5107 (2019)
'Tis Only A Rose
Underneath The Stars
Robert Carr (baritone) 3042
8009 4186
Rory Darlin'
Jessie Broughton 2664
8015 6206
John Of Devon
Simon The Cellarer
Charles Tree (baritone, with orch accmp) 3572
8023 7167
That's How The World Was Made
Sleepy Little Curly-Headed Baby
Gerald Adams (tenor) 3669
8052 8411
Born And Bred In Brooklyn
Southern Roses
Diplomat Orchestra (= Speciality Orchestra)
Diplomat Orchestra (= Green Bros. Novelty Orch)
8066 8754
In Between The Showers
You're In Kentucky
Fredk. Grainger (tenor) 4069
8071 9365
Sweet Little You
Too Tired
Edison Bell Dance Orchestra 4227
8078 8502 (8417)
8594 (8427)
Somebody's Wrong
Linger Awhile
Pavilion Players (= Porter's Blue Devils)
Pavilion Players (= Bailey's Lucky Seven)


Cat No Matrix Title Labelled Artists Winner
9001 10266
Matador (6/8)
Sevilla (6/8)
Regent Dance Orchestra 4487
9003 8099
Carolina Home
Lost (A Wonderful Gal)
Pavilion Players (= Bailey's Lucky Seven) 3862
9004 8554
Here He Is Again
The Plain Jane Of The Family
Blackpool Tower Orchestra 4026
9005 8040
Dancing Honeymoon
I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
Hurlingham Club Orchestra 3923
9006 8931
In The Cool Of The Evening
Marie, I Want To Mar-ry You
Elite Dance Orchestra (= Edison Bell Dance Orch) 4145
9007 8678
I Love The Girl Who Kisses
Before You Go
Regent Orchestra (= Bailey's Lucky Seven)
Regent Orchestra (= The Four Musical Minstrels)
9008 7966
She Gives It All To Me
Those Naughty Eyes
Vic Willis & his Orchestra 3884
9009 8679
Are You Lonely ?
After The Storm
Regent Orchestra (= Bailey's Lucky Seven) 4072