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Pelican records were introduced in Autumn 1913, part of the ongoing price-war in records, costing just 1/-.
Initially they were made for The Universal Record Syndicate, and later for J. Blum & Co.
The manufacture of Pelican records seems to switch bvetween Britian (The Disc Record Company) and Germany (Kalliope) though it is not clear how this was organised.
It would seem that the first batch were made in Germany (by Kalliope) using J. Blum masters. Then they were made in England by The Disc Record Company of Harrow, useing whatever masters they had in the factory; mainly Blum masters, but also ARC, Jumbo, Favorite, Nicole, Beka &c. It was reported that the DRC were maving trouble pressing enough Pelican records to keep up with demand. This is odd, given that the company had reported it could press 3000 records a day. Maybe they took on other pressing work and couldn't cope. Anyway, it seems that the later Pelican records were once again made in Germany, (by Kalliope ?), using mainly Blum's masters.

By early 1914,  new Pelican records ceased to be produced, the numbering having run from  P-1 to about P-114 (the highest known to date). Old stocks of the records were jobbed off by other dealers. Pelican records overstuck with "Besttone" stickers turn up regularly; these were sold by The Regent Fittings Company.

In 1916, the Pelican trade mark & name passed to Columbia, who never used it for records.

Oddly, despite the name of the label, the obvious trade-mark of the bird, though shown in adverts for the records, never appeared on the label.

Please e-mail me if you can help me fill in the gaps in any of these series.

Thanks to the following who have provided extra information: Frank Andrews, Paul Buck, Peter Churcher, Bill Deam-Myatt, Graham Farnell, Norman Field, Richard Prout,

This page last updated on: May 06, 2018

Cat No. Matrix No. Title Artists Notes
P 1       ?
P 2 1836
Faust - selection parts 1 & 2 Royal Guards Band  
P 3        
P 4 1646
Grizzly Bear
Teddy Bears' Picnic
Royal Guards Band  
P 5        
P 6 1617
Manhattan Beach
Washington Post, march
Royal Guards Band  
P 7        
P 8        
P 9        
P 10 1646
Grizzly Bear
The Gaby Glide
Royal Guards Band  
P 11 1816
Old Comrades, march
Light Cavalry
Royal Guards Band  
P 12        
P 13 1649
Gipsy Love, Waltz
Gold And Silver, waltz
Royal Guards Band  
P 14        
P 15        
P 16 1647 / 2020
The Wedding Glide
That Mysterious Rag
Royal Guards Band  
P 17 1883
The Teddy Bear's Picnic
Ragtime Violin
The Royal Guards Band 1
P 18 030810 / 5372
St Louis Tickle
Bill Simmons
Vess L. Ossman (banjo) US recording from ARC
P 19 E-1786
Queen Of The Burlesque
Camptown Carnival
Olly Oakley (banjo)  
P 20 2566 / 1466-40
2753 / 41153
The Bohemian - selection
A Hornpipe
Percy Honri (concertina) (actually British Imperial Military Band)
Percy Honri (concertina)
P 21   Silver Bells
Le Centaur
Charles Lenten (bells) (= Charles I. Lent)
C. Penner (xylophone)
P 22 030810
St Louis Rag
Any Rag
Vess L. Ossman (banjo) ARC
P 23 1151
Gladiator's Farewell
Under Freedom's Flag
Steve Bartle (concertina)  
P 24 1977
The Flight Of Ages
I'll Sing Thee Songs Of Araby
Sergeant Charles Leggett (cornet) 2
P 25 1907
Lo! Hear the Gentle Lark
I Hear You Calling Me
The Schumann Quartette  
P 26 031254
Bright Eyes / My Irish Molly-O
A Gay Gossoon
Vess L. Ossman (banjo) ARC
P 27   Queen Of The Earth
The Trumpeter
Sergeant Charles Leggett (cornet)  
P 28 1910
William Tell Overture (Rossini)
Ave Maris (Gounod)
Schumann Quartette (flute, violin, viola, harp)  
P 29        
P 30        
P 31 2482 or 2472
Il Bacio
Charles Capper & Albert Whelan (whistling duet)  
P 32 2168 / 2021
3005 / 2021
The Bedouin's Love Song
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind
Peter Dawson (bass)  
P 33 2320
The Pride Of The Earth
Loch Lomond
Peter Dawson (bass)  
P 34 1554
The Vicar Of Bray
At The Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea
Frank Arthur (bass)
Peter Dawson (bass)
P 35 2023
The Pipes Of Pan (Elgar)
Peter Dawson (bass)  
P 36 2662
Somebody's Sailor Boy
Eileen Allannah
Peter Dawson (bass)  
P 37        
P 38        
P 39        
P 40 40462
Come Into The Garden, Maud
The Song That Reached My Heart
Philip Ritte (tenor) Beka
P 41        
P 42        
P 43        
P 44 1889
Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep
Out On The Deep
Mr. T.F. Kinniburgh  
P 45        
P 46 1857
The Magic Of Your Voice
When All Was Young
Jessie Broughton (contralto)  
P 47        
P 48        
P 49 1632
Tustin's Goodbye (Tosti)
Annie Laurie
Zara Deane  
P 50        
P 51 1119
Sun Of My Soul
How Firm A Foundation
Percy Jerome  
P 52        
P 53        
P 54 Lxo-632
Tickle Me, Timothy
Put A Bit Of Powder On It, Father
Billy Williams Jumbo
P 55 Lxo-639 / 1668
Jean From Aberdeen
My Girl From London Town
My Girl From Glasgie Toon
Billy Williams Jumbo
P 56 1946-t or 1670
1947-t or 1665
I Must Go Home To-Night
The Old Grey Coat
Billy Williams Favorite
P 57 Lxo-640 or 1949-t
Lxo-641 or 1948-t
I'll Meet You One Dark Night
Save A Little One For Me
Billy Williams Jumbo
P 57 41067
The Old Rustic Bridge By the Mill
The Vacant Chair
Stanley Kirkby (baritone) Beka
P 58        
P 59 41059
H24 BC
Ginger, You're Barmy
Let's Have A Basin Of Soup
Harry Champion (comedian)  
P 60        
P 61        
P 62 031080 /1080
031272 / 1272 / 655
Take A Car
Paddle Your Own Canoe
Collins And Harlan ARC
P 63        
P 64 031391
Peaches And Cream
The Golden Wedding
Ada Jones & Len Spencer ARC
P 65        
P 66 1623
Hitchy Koo
The Ragtime Goblin Man
The Ragtime Knuts  
P 67 1641
The Burglar Rag
How Do You Do, Miss Ragtime?
The Ragtime Knuts 1
P 68 1636
Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Waiting Fore The Robert E. Lee
The Ragtime Knuts  
P 69 1622
There's a Girl In Havana
Ragging The Baby To Sleep
The Ragtime Knuts  
P 70 1644
Way Down South
Down In Dear Old New Orleans
The Ragtime Knuts 1
P 71 1642
How Do You Do, Miss Ragtime?
The Wedding Glide
The Ragtime Knuts
Jack Charman
P 72        
P 73 1795
When I Get You Alone To-Night
Those Ever Loving. Wonderful Beautiful Eyes
Jack Charman
Harry Cove
P 74 1851
Ring Out Those Bells
That Mellow Melody
The Ragtime Knuts  
P 75 1644
Way Down South
Hello, Little Miss U.S.A.
The Ragtime Knuts
Harry Cove (comic)
P 76 1863
Goodnight, Mr. Moon
On The Mississippi
The Ragtime Knuts 1
P 77 1900
Roaming In The Gloaming
The Message Boy
Sandy McGregor (= Vernon Watson)  
P 78        
P 79        
P 80        
P 81 1888
Up From The Country
She Makes Me Walk In Ragtime
Ben Lawes  
P 82 1850
My Boy
Have You Seen Our John?
Harry Cove (comic)  
P 83   On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
My Heart Has Learned To Love
Robert Carr (baritone)  
P 84        
P 85 2451
Take Me In Your Arms And Say You Love Me
When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam
The Ragtime Knuts  
P 86 2046
On The Mississippi
Snooky Ookums
The Ragtime Knuts
Jack Charman
P 87 2446
The Ragtime Huntsman
Ben Albert  
P 88 2475
You're My Baby
Ragtime Eyes
Will Thompson
Harry Cove
P 89 2045
The Ragtime Curate
That Raggedy Rag
The Ragtime Knuts 1
P 90   Christmas In Camp, parts 1 & 2 Triumph Concert Party  
P 91 2542
The Departure Of The Troupship
The Wreck Of The Troupship
Military Band  
P 92        
P 93        
P 94 2046
On The Mississippi
You Made Me Love You
The Two Quids
Jack Charman
P 95 2048
It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary
You Made Me Love You
Jack Charman  
P 96        
P 97        
P 98        
P 99 2499
Nearer, My God, To Thee
Holy, Holy, Holy
Tom Kinniburgh (bass)
Robert Carr (baritone)
P 100        
P 101 2458
The Children's Home
Softly Awakes My Heart
Jack Glover (cornet)  
P 102        
P 103        
P 104        
P 105 2043
Dance Your Troubles Away
It's A Long Way To Tipperary
Jack Charman  
P 106 2101
Meet Me To-Night On The Grand Promenade
I'm A Middy In The King's Navee
Will Thompson  
P 107        
P 108 2547
A Christmas Party, parts 1 & 2 Jack Charman & Company  
P 109 2552
Some Boy
Nursery Rhymes In Ragtime
Jack Charman  
P 110        
P 111 2564
Because I Loved You So
Good-Bye Summer, So Long Fall, Hello Wintertime
Jack Charman  
P 112 2566
Take Me In A Taxi, Joe
You Didn't Want To, But You Did
Harry Cove 1 (Bestone sticker)
P 113        
P 114 2563
International Rag
On The First Dark Night Next Week
Harry Cove
Jack Charman