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Jaycee records were pressed by Crystalate from their Imperial masters during the mid-1920s.  The masters date from around 1926  and the records were sold in the Co-Op. They are pretty rare and the series, which was in a J-100 range, was quite short-lived, probably only 20 different records. Guessing from the value on the copyright stamp (5/8d), the record probably cost about 1/6, the same price as the Imperial issues..

The label is difficult to scan because of the colouring, but it is a bright red with gold printing.

An attempt to list these rare records. Please email me is f you can add to the list.

Extra information provided by: Arthur Badrock, Norman Field, Mike Jones, Bill Dean-Myatt.

Page last updated on: July 02, 2017

Cat No Control / Matrix Nos. Title Artist as Labelled Main UK Issue
J 101        
J 102 849 / 6644-2
850 / 6681-3
Am I Wasting My Time On You?
My Cutey's Due At Two To Two Today
"Jaycee" Dance Orchestra (= Sam Lanin & his Orch) Imperial 1636
J 103        
J 104        
J 105        
J 106 784 / 6421
809 / 6437-2
Always (waltz)
Thanks For The Buggy Ride
'Jaycee' Dance Orchestra (= Nathan Glantz & his Orch.) Imperial 1573?
Imperial 1601
J 107 4435
She Can Make A Nice Cup Of Tea
I Want A Pie With A Plum In
John Nolan (with orch accmp) (= Dick Henderson) Imperial 1650
J 108        
J 109        
J 110        
J 111        
J 112 4559
The More We Are Together
Everything Will Happen For The Best
 ? (= Geiffrey Gelder's Kettners Five) Imperial 1687
J 113        
J 114        
J 115 3991
Pal Of My Cradle Days
Billy Hayman (w/ orch accmp) (= Dick Henderson)  
J 116        
J 117 4538
I've Never Seen A Straight Banana
No Sir! No Sir! That's Not My Girl
John Nolan (with orch accmp) (= Harry Fay) Imperial 1678
J 118 4536
For Baby And Me
Hi Diddle Diddle
Dick Bird (with orch accmp) (= Eddie Reed) Imperial 1679
J 119        
J 120 4567
The More We Are Together
Who Took Me Home Last Night?
John Nolan (with orch accmp)