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The first Eclipse record dates from just before WWI. It was manufactured in Germany for the British market. They are very rare, but obviously had ceased to exist on the outbreak of WWI in 1914.
It is not known for who these records were made, but it is thought they were pressed by Globophon in Germany, using their own recordings, which have a 3-digit matrix number, and London recordings, which are in a 6000 series. The 6000- series often show a suffix of 'KV' in the record's surface. According to Dr. Rainer Lotz, this almost certainly refers to recording expert Karl Vogel.

The catalogue numbers may also  be more than one series, with the 100- range being band and instrumental and the 300-range being vocal, but note a solitary 200- series in the listing just to make things difficult!

Thanks to Ray Stephenson for the label photo.

Page last updated on: March 07, 2023

Firstly, the pre-WWI label.
My thanks to Frank Andrews for providing the beginnings of a listing of this very rare label.
Also to the following who have added to the listing:
Mike Atkins, Graham Farnell, Susan Farren, Norman Field, Mike Jones, Mike Langridge, Richard Prout

Cat No Matrix Title Artists
87 569
Poet And Peasant, overture part 1
Poet And Peasant, overture part 2
The Eclipse Band
97 576 “Lohengrin” – The prayer The Eclipse Band
98 569
Poet And Peasant, overture part 1
Poet And Peasant, overture part 2
The Eclipse Band                  
99   Les Flots Du Danube
Wedding March
The Eclipse Band
100   Peasant's Wedding The Eclipse Band
109 6191 Reminiscences of Scotland – part 1
Reminiscences of Scotland – part 2
The Eclipse Band
116   Our Miss Gibbs, selection The Eclipse Band
  Cavalleria Rusticana, Intermezzo
117 390 The Jolly Coppersmith The Eclipse Band
392 The Forge In The Forest
119   Soldiers In The Park The Eclipse Band
  Clear For Action
121   Merry Peasant Waltz The Eclipse Band
  Barcarolle Offenbach
122   Niki March The Eclipse Band
  Peasant Waltz
132 996 Gipsy Airs Violin Solo
997 Czardas Scenes
203 6004 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Edie Phillips
6006 I Like Your Apron And Your Bonnet
307 6003
Any Old Iron
Ginger, You're Barmy
Fred Harrison (comic)
309 6137 Archibald, Certainly Not Fred Harrison (comic)
6139 Gentlemen, The King Will Deller (comic)
312 6095 Down Among The Sugar Cane Billy Whteley (comic)
6143 For Months And Months And Months
316 6072
I Wish I Was A Bit Older
Fall In And Follow Me
Archie Pitt (comic)
Billy Whiteley (comic)
323   Rose's Bridal Procession [band]
  Loin Du Bal
347 6234 Rose Of My Heart Mr. Fred Monument (baritone, with piano accmp)
6247 I Fear No Foe Mr Moreland Dale (with piano accmp)
358 6245 Simon The Cellarer Mr. R. Moreland-Dale (baritone with piano)
6249 Will Of The Wisp
359 6244 The Wolf Mr. R. Moreland-Dale, (baritone with piano)
6246 Father O’Flynn
366 6255 That Old Waltz Tune Fred Terry ( = Will Terry)
6256 The Countryman’s Holiday
377 6250 I’m On My Honeymoon Gordon Elliott (comic, with orch. accmp) (= Will Terry)
6251 They Don’t All Go To Hear The Band