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A 7" Children's record believed to date from the early 1960s and therefore probably made from plastic or vinyl.

There was an American label of the same name which issued the same recordings, and many are also found on the "Happy Time" label, both in the UK and US.

The British "Cricket" record was produced by or for The Children's Record Company, 127 Kensall Road, London W10.

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Cat No Matrix No. Title Artist on Label
C-1   Gingerbread Man (Roy Freeman)
Little Brave Sambo (Roy Freeman)
Betty Wells, Bill Marine & The Playmates (with orch dir. Maury Laws
C-3 C3A
Punchy The Clown
Ken Jay (with orch directed by Warren Vincent)
Marge Cameron (with orch directed by Russ Haddock)
C-4   Peter And The Wolf, part 1
Peter And The Wolf, part 2
Reginald Carrol (narration, with full symphony orchestra)
C-5   Aladdin And His Magic Lamp, part 1
Aladdin And His Magic Lamp, part 2
Norman Rose (narration, with cast and symphony orchestra, performing "Scheherazade")
C-6   The Ten Little Indians
Singing Games (London Bridge; 'Round The Mulberry Bush; One, Two Buckle My Shoe)
Toni Waiman & The Four Cricketones (with cast & orch)
The Four Cricketones (with orch accmp) (arranged by Clark McClelland)
C-8   The Red Shoes, part 1
The Red Shoes, part 2
Norman Rose (narrator, with full cast & symphony orchestra)
C-9   The Blue-Tail Fly
Oh, Susannah; The Camptown Races
Full Cast and Orchestra
C-10 C10A
Alice In Wonderland
Songs From Mother Goose (Simple Simon; Little Jack Horner; There Was An Old Woman.)
Full Cast and Orchestra
Vocal with Orchestra
C-12   Pinocchio, side 1 (Roy Freeman)
Pinocchio, side 2 (Roy Freeman)
Bill Marine & Betty Wells, Jim Pollack & the Playmates (orch dir. Maury Lewis)