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An very scarce label, Aerial was a so-called unbreakable record manufactured by Duophone and using the same masters and pseudonyms as the Duophone M- series.
It would appear that only one issue of 6 records was ever produced, and probably only a small number of each was manufactured.

It is reasonable to assume these were made for a specific client, such a shop, but, to date, who this might be is unknown.

Thanks to discographer and collector Mike Langridge, who found a batch of these records some years ago, I can list the known extent of the catalogue (below). If you can add to this list, do please e-mail me the details.

Please e-mail me if you have any additions or corrections to this page.

Page last updated on: October 14, 2022

Cat No Matrix No Title Artists Original issue
B-1 DU-8426
Sweet Thing
Sheila O'Shay (waltz)
Ariel Recording Band (= Stan Greening's Dance Orchestra)
Savile (All-Masters) Dance Orch
Duophone M-109
B-2 DU-8423
The Birth Of The Blues
Back Beats
Savile (All-Masters) Dance Orch Duophone M-103
B-3 DU-8419
Ain't She Sweet?
Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
Savile (All-Masters) Dance Orch Duophone M-106
B-4 DU-8432
The Little White House
Shalimar (waltz)
Savile (All-Masters) Dance Orch Duophone M-107
B-5 DU-8422
Side By Side
Where Do You Work-A John?
Savile (All-Masters) Dance Orch Duophone M-108
B-6 DU-8431
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
My Heart Stood Still
Savile (All-Masters) Dance Orch Duophone M-104