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King Edwards Five Ways Grammar School

King Edwards Five Ways Grammar School

Location: Scotland Lane, Bartley Green, Birmingham
Website: www.ke5ways.bham.sch.uk

I attended King Edwards Five Ways school from September 1969 until July 1976. My year's intake was the last to be streamed. The pupils were split into 3 forms; the brightest third were put into 1A. The rest were split by age into 1E (elder) and 1Y (younger). I was in 1A and I don't think we were really much (if any) brighter than the others. I know the teachers expected us to be better behaved and were rather put-out to discover we were like any other 11 year old boys: unruly and noisy. After my 3rd year (in 3A), the streaming stopped altogether and forms were named after the initial of the form teacher. I went into 4S (Mr Spencer), 5S and then into Science 2 for my 6th form (A level) course with Mr K H Thomas as my form teacher.

Here are some details of my forms and some photos:
The first two are formal class photographs. The Upper Sixth one was an informal one taken by (I think) Graham Barnhurst. The rather odd pose was based on a cartoon drawn by John Dell (also shown).

Class Years Teacher Class Photo
1A September 1969 - July 1970 Mr P. Stott
2A September 1970 - July 1971 Mr John. G. Prince  
3A September 1971 - July 1972 Mr John. G. Prince
4S September 1972 - July 1973 Mr Colin Spencer  
5S September 1973 - July 1974 Mr Colin Spencer  
Lower 6th Science 2 September 1974 - July 1975 Mr Ken H. Thomas  
Upper 6th Science 2
(cartoon kindly provided by John Dell)
September 1975 - July 1976 Mr Ken H. Thomas
Other Teachers who taught me : Subject Name Photo
  Headmaster 1969-74 Mr Peter. R. Watkins  
  Headmaster from 1975 Mr Geoffrey Sanders  
  Art Mr M. Brookes  
  Biology Mr Anthony .J. Benbow  
  Chemistry Mr L. O'Hanlon  
  English (1969-70) Mr D. Hancox  
  English (also 'Games') Mr C. A. Fox  
  English Mr Frank Gadd  
  French (1969-70) Mrs. B. J. Whittaker  
  French (1969-70) Mr H. Woodcock  
  French (1970-on) Mr Peter S. Fry  
  Geography Mr T. E. Lloyd  
  German Mr Peter S. Fry  
  History (1969-70) Mr. Robert Tebby  
  History (rest of time) Mr James Dykes ("Jock")  
  Latin Mr N. A. Halligan  
  Mathematics (1969-70) Mr. P. Stott
  Mathematics (1970-on) (Pure Maths) Mr Ken H. Thomas  
  Mathematics (1970-on) (applied Matths) Mr David J. Wright  
  Metalwork & Engineering Drawing (E.D.) Mr W. Theo Fox  
  Music (1969-70) Mr P. Allport  
  Music (1970-on) Mr Anthony L. Shield  
  P.E. etc Mr Douglas
  P.E. etc Mr D. J. Watson  
  P.E. etc Mr A. J. E. Miles
  Physics / Combined Science Mr. P. Jacques  
  Physics Mr. M. Colley  
  Physics Mr D. Glyn Hughes  
  Physics Dr. Tesh  
  R.E. Mr H. D. D. Walters  
  R.E. Mr John Gareth Prince
  Woodwork Mr Colin Spencer

We had two full school photographs taken while I was at the school. It is difficult to know how to present these on a website as they are far too big to view on a screen. I have scanned these in and joined them up, so you can download them; right-click on the link below and save (note the size).

NOTE: On the photos, below, I have tagged all the names I know (with lots of help from Peter Eckerlsey); just hold your mouse-pointer over a face and the name should pop up.
If you can add or correct any names, then let me know by email.

UPDATE April 2018: I have finally (with some help) managed to get the pop-up names working again on these photos below. It should now work in all browsers, but let me know of any issues.
Also I would be grateful for more names! (See just above for email address link)

1970 KEFWS school photo (3.2MB). 

1973 KEFWS School Photo (5 MB) (slightly battered, I'm afraid!)

1978 KEFWS school photo (4 MB)

I can't recall where I got this last photo from - it was taken after I left in 1976, but there should be some familiar faces there if only I could remember them!

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