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Introduction to the Brookes family

The Brookes family, on moving to Birmingham in the early 19th century, became associated with metal castings.  Thomas Brookes joined forces with Joseph Adams in 1853 and in 1920 the company was incorporated as "Brookes & Adams Ltd". On the 1881 census, Thomas Brookes (born 1831) is described as "maker of fancy & useful metal articles (white metal) employing 15 men, 7 lads and 13 girls".

There's no direct link to my family, but the connection with my cousin's family, the Hippisley-Coxes, comes with Thomas Brookes' granddaughter, May, marrying Ralph Hippisley-Cox in 1912.

In the 1918 Birmingham Chamber Of Commerce handbook, an advert for Brookes and Adams appears. Click on the image here to see it in full size:

                                                                 Brookes & Adams advert, 1918.jpg (259706 bytes)

Other Families

The following families are linked to the Brookes and have at least a small tree to view.

Name of Family Link to Brookes family Background
Darby Herbert Brookes married Elizabeth Ann Darby in 1886 Jewelers in Birmingham
Hippisley-Cox May Brookes married Ralph Hippisley-Cox in 1912 Jewelers in Birmingham