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As my base for exploring Worcestershire is Bewdley, on the northern border of the county, most, if not all the pubs I try will be in that area.

Martson's and Banks's pubs: Back in the 1980s, Banks's and (especially) Marston's pubs and ales were a guarantee of a superb pint and usually something interesting in a pub. Unfortunately in the last few years, this is no longer the case. All the Marston's/Banks's pubs I have tried recently serve the beer too cold and also squeeze it through a much-too-tight sparkler which destroys the taste and makes the beers these pubs sell (often quite an interesting selection) too frothy and taste rather "samey" and bland. It is a great pity and  for this reason, I generally avoid these pubs, though I do occasionally try them just in case there are any which buck the trend. I would love to try some Banks's or Marston's beers at an independent pub or from the barrel (e.g. at a beer festival) just to find out if they are still as good as they used to be.

*** My apologies for not keeping this up to date. Many things have intervened, not least of them the Covid-19 closedown of pubs in 2020. Let's give it anotehr go!****

Page last updated: August 24, 2020

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Abberley - The Manor Arms
WR6 6BN, Tel: 01299 890300; website

A 17th century coaching inn and hotel, Previously a court room.

Prior to the refurbishment in 2013/2014, this used to be a comfortable old inn almost like a sitting room of a gentlemen's residence.  I have visited it after th refurb, and found it to be typical inb the modern style with hard flooring and furnishings, making it noisy even when quite empty, and not a cosy comfortable place for a quiet drink. . While real ale is still sold, the emphasis is on selling food, as one can trellfrom the website, which doesn't even mention of selling beer! Very odd for a pub.

Beer:  Generally beers from Wye Valley and Ludlow brweries.
Food: Judging by the menu on the website, the food is expensive with pretentious overtones. For example Fish & Chips is 11.95 and Sausage and Mash is 12.95. Even Soup and Bread is 4.95. (April 2016).

Last Visited: 2014

How this pub was back in 2009:

View of the pub (not changed)

 The garden

main lounge    

     The bar

Arley - The Harbour Inn
DY12 3NF ; Tel: 01299 401 204;                             Open all day every day.  Following the Covid-19 closure, it appears to be open, according to Tripadvisor reviews, but I can't find out if the opening times have changed.
Next to Arley station on the Severn Valley Railway, also very close to the River Severn. Pleasant, friendly and cosy. Comfy chairs by the fireplace, often with a real fire blazing in winter.

Beer: Wye Valley beers, sometimes others. Occasionally sells a beer called "Harbour Ale" which is brewed for the pub by Wye Valley brewery.

Visited: October 13th, 2009, October 2010, April 9, 2013

Astley Burf - The Hampstall Inn
DY13 0RY ; Tel: 01299 822 600; website                  Open all day every day (even following reopening after Covid-19. Parking on site.

Next to the River Severn off the B-4196 between Holt Heath and Astley Cross, the Hampstall Inn has been a licensed house since  the 1830s. It is a family-run pub.
This pub was completely refurbished & modernised in 2018. It has reopened, but I have not been to check it since.

Beer: Wye Valley HPA + 2 others
Food: From the website, it shows an unpretentious lunchtime menu with most prices under 10, and a 2 for 15 offer on some..

Visited: May 8th, 2010

Belbroughton - The Bell Inn (Bell End)
DY9 9XU ; Tel: 01562 731 928; website                                              
Large 16th century inn on the main A491 between Hagley and Lydiate Ash. Part of the Vintage Inns group and as you'd expect, the main focus is on eating rather than drinking.

*** NOTE: It has been reported to me that the pub has had a major refurbishment in 2010 and has lost any semblance of the "old country pub" feel. ****

Beer: 2-3 ales generally available, generally including something from Purity and Sharps breweries.
5-11-09: Purity UBU and a Timothy Taylor special (can't remember the name). Both
very good.
Food: Good pub food in the 8 - 12 price range. Specials board

Visited: November 5th, 2009

Belbroughton - The Talbot Inn
DY9 9TG ; Tel: 01562 730 249 ; website                                                  Open all day every day from 12 Middlay
Large Comfortable pub at the centre of Belbroughton with good car parking. Good open fire in colder months.

Beer: Black Sheep bitter; Marston's Pedigree; Jennings ales (Marston's portfolio). As usual, the Marston's portfolio beers are served through a tight sparkler which makes them taste rather bland. They seem to be OK otherwise and any non-Marstons guest beer are definitely worth drinking here.
Food: rather expensive and a little pretentious in style.


Visited: October 20th, 2009; 2012

Belbroughton - Ye Olde Horseshoe Inn
DY9 9ST ; Tel: 01562 730 233; website                                                               Open all day every day
Small pub at the heart of Belbroughton. Intimate and friendly.

Beer: Wye Valley and St Austell beers; usually 1-3 ales on.
Food: Good food at reasonable prices

Visited: 2017

Bewdley - The Arches
Severn Side South, DY12 1AY ; Tel:                                                    Open all day every day
Small one-roomed pub just next to the bridge, a fomer shop premises, but cosy inside, with outside seating by the river. Quite popular but with a large-screen TV.

Beer: 2-3 Ales, usually from Hobsons and Wye Valley Breweries
Food: Crisps, nuts etc.


Visited: 2017

Bewdley - The Black Boy (Wyre Hill)
DY12 2UE ; Tel: 01299 403 523                                                      2020: Open Thursday from 2pm, and all day Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
Not to be confused with the Black Boy Hotel on the Kidderminster Road in Bewdley (now known (2018) as The Black Boy Inn). This one is to be found up the very steep Wyre Hill road. A lovely old pub (allegedly the oldest in Bewdley) with a friendly atmosphere, an enthusiastic landlord and a quiet unspoiled garden with excellent views. Parking on the road near the pub is possible, but at times is difficult, so you may have to park in the town and trudge up the hill. A good thirst is guaranteed by doing this!

**** 2018 note: Pub has changed owners and no longer sells the tired nondescript Marston's beers, so definitely worth a visit soon! ****


Visited: December 14th, 2010

Bewdley - The Black Boy Inn (formerly The Black Boy Hotel and also The Bewdley Hotel)
DY12 1AG ; Tel: 01299 400001              Open all day every day, except Monday (opens at 4pm).      Very limited parking on site; I suggest parking in the town and walking over the bridge.                               
Not to be confused with the Black Boy pub (on Wyre Hill - see above). This is a large 15th century former coaching inn on the other side of the river from the main town and just opposite the petrol station. Small (very small) car park next to the pub. Reopened January 2018 after refurbishment.

Beer: 3-4 ales usually on, from Wye Valley, St Austell and Bewdley breweries.


Bewdley - The George Hotel (Wetherspoons)
DY12 2AW; Tel: 01299 406 970; website
Surely this must be the most sumptuous and comfortable pub in the Wetherspoons group? The pub has been converted from part of the 17th century hotel and many original features have been kept, along with the feeling of luxury from another age. The beers are excellent and ever-changing. Very busy on Saturday evenings.

Beer:  limited choice (2-3 beers) during the week, but often 4-6 at the weekend. However, the beer is always kept very well, though is often a bit too cold.
Food: large glossy menu; breakfasts served as well. Food is cheap and rather bland. You get what you pay for, basically.

Visited: several times in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and I've not had a bad pint yet.

Bewdley - The Great Western
DY12 1BY; Tel: 01299 405 304                    
open every day from 11.00am.
Used to be a lovely unspoilt gem, but was refurbished in about 2010 in a modern olde style which has destroyed the original character. On the plus side, it is a "quiet" pub witrh no TV, machines or piped music. Car park behind the pub. Beware of the step halfway across the bar area, designed to catch you out when carrying your pint back to your table!

Beer: varied selection of 4-5 ales usually on tap.
Food: Cobs, pork pies and the usual crisps & nuts.

Visited: 2012

Taken in 2009

Taken in 2017
Bewdley - The Little Pack Horse
DY12 2DH; Tel: 01299 403 762; website                
Open every day from Midday.
A small, cosy 15th century pub on the old High Street, rather dark inside. It serves excellent home-cooked food at a good price and a varied selection of well-kept ales. Can get very busy, so you may have to book for food, especially in the evenings and on Sundays. Beer discount for CAMRA members.

Beer: Black Sheep best bitter; guest beers. Sharp's Doom Bar (July 2011) excellent               
Pub is in Good Beer Guide 2010.
Food: Excellent and tasty. I had one of their home-made pies which was superb, with very good chips! (July 2014).
Visited: May 25, 2009, July 2011, February 2012, July 2014, July 2015

Bewdley  - The Mug House
DY12 2EE; Tel: 01299 402 543; website                 Open all day every day, from 12 Midday.

Well-appointed old pub on the riverside; very popular, good atmosphere and seating on the promenade overlooking the river. The pub serves varied styles of food, from snacks to full restaurant meals (the latter in "The Angry Chef").

Beer: 3 or 4 ales, usually from local breweries. Kept very well. Regular beers: Wye Valley HPA & Bewdley Brewery Worcestershire Way plus some guests.  Served through a sparkler, but not too frothy. Generally excellent.
30/1/18: Seemed to be 4-6 different ales on! We had Bewdley Worcestershire Way; Backyard Blonde: both excellent

: Very good. Even the cheaper meals are tasty and filling (tried early 2013).

Last Visited: January 30, 2018

Bewdley  - The Old Waggon And Horses
DY12 1DG; Tel: 01299 403 270; website                 Open all day every day from Midday.    Limited parking on site.

Unspoiled comfortable pub on the Kidderminster Road. The Bathams bitter (always available) is excellent and the guest beers are generally very interesting. The Banks's (as usual) is rather tasteless. The cobs & pork pies are always very tasty and fresh and well-priced.

Beer:  Usually at least 4 ales: Batham's Bitter (excellent);  Ludlow Gold (excellent); Banks Mild ; Wainwrights, plus a guest ale.
Food: Hot food available Wednesday to Saturday - reasonably priced traditional pub food. They also do a Sunday carvery. Otherwise fresh cobs & pork pies.

Visited: regularly since about 2013. Latest visit March 15, 2018

Bewdley  - The Real Ale Tavern
67 Load Street, DY12 2AW; Tel: 01299 404 972               open all day every day from 11am (12 midday Sunday).

Cosy pub in the main shopping area, formerly a bank. Now owned by Black Country Ales. Only opened in November 2017 but already feels like it has been a pub forever. Serves a good selection of ales, both of their own and from other small breweries, usually quite obscure! A useful TV screen display tells you which beers are available.

Beer:  About 7 ales plus a couple of ciders. Usually 2-3 from Black Country Ales own brewery, and others from elsewhere.
Nov 2017: I had Black Country 'Pig on the wall', which is a traditional dark mild, not of the excessively chocolate-style of many new milds (excellent)
30/1/18: We had Black Country BFG; New Bridge Little Fox. both excellent, though the Little Fox was a little hazy!
7/3/18 : We had Hopback Haka (excellent). Pleasant beer, quite hoppy.

Food: Fresh cobs & pork pies available.

Visited: November 2017; March 7, 2018

Bewdley  - The Running Horse
DY12 2QP; Tel: 01299 402 161                                                    open all day every day from 11am (12 midday Sunday).

Large pub on the A456 Tenbury Road out of Bewdley. The pub is geared up mainly for eating (it's a Chef & Brewer), though there is a drinkers' area set aside.

Beer:  Hobson's Town Crier; Guest beer: Newman's Wolvers Ale. Both excellent
Food: Large pre-printed menu, but the food smelled good. Sunday Carveries. Suspect it will get busy, so you may need to book.

Visited: November 3rd, 2009

Bewdley  - The Woodcolliers                                             **** Entry left here for historical and nostalgic reasons! ****
DY12 2AU; Tel 01299 400 589; website                    Open evenings only during the week; Sat & Sun all day from 12.30.
Distinctive corner pub at the bottom of Wyre Hill. The pub is comfortable and bigger than you'd expect inside. However, it is very cosy and friendly; Nice log fire in winter. Quiz night on Tuesdays: it is a very laid-back friendly quiz, free to enter and all welcome.

********* April 2016 update: This pub is now permanently closed and has been converted for residential use. A sad loss to people who like a friendly old pub. ************

Beer: Varied selection of 2 or 3 ales, usually from small and/or local breweries. Generally kept excellently.
21/11/09: St Georges' Ascalon; Salopian Shropshire Gold; Three Tuns 1642 Bitter (all Excellent)
9/1/10: Cannon Royall Arrowhead bitter (very good); Ludlow Gold (excellent)
6/7/10: Three Tuns 1642; Ludlow Gold (excellent)

Food: Fairly high-priced. Not tried.

last visited: July 6, 2010 Visited a few times in 2011 & 2012 as well.

Button Oak  - The Button Oak Inn
DY12 3AQ; Tel 01299 400 248                                                                              Open all day every day. Following reopening after the Covid-19 closure, I think the pub opens at 2pm each day presently.
Distinctive small pub in the village on the B4194 through the Wyre Forest. Owned by Admiral Taverns.

Beer: 2-3 beers usually from Bewdley and Wye Valley breweries.

Last visited: October 13th, 2009.

Caunsall  - The Anchor Inn
DY11 5YL; Tel 01562 8509 254; website
Small, friendly, cosy pub. Very popular and I guess many of the people are regulars. Well-known for the quality of their ales and filling cobs.
In 2010 Good Beer Guide. Parking is very difficult, unfortunately.

Beer: Hobson's Best Bitter & Town Crier. Excellent. Guest beers available occasionally (not on my visit).
18/1/12: Wye Valley HPA was the guest beer. I found it served too cold which killed the taste, unfortunately.
Food: Fresh homemade cobs with generous side salad. Very good.

Last visited: January 18 2012

Chaddesley Corbett  - The Fox Inn
DY10 4QN; Tel 01562 777 247; website
Situated on the main road just outside the main village, this is a comfortable pub with quite an emphasis on food.

Beer: Two ales on: Wye Valley HPA and Hobson's Bitter.  Quite good, but I wonder if they may be using top-pressure or a cask-breather as the beer seemed a little fizzy. Beer choice varies (no fixed beers).
Food: Large blackboard of "specials" at reasonable prices.

visited: November 2, 2010

Chaddesley Corbett  - The Swan
DY10 4SD; Tel 01562 777 302;    large car park on site; pub open all day every day.
Traditional 17th century pub with a large pleasant garden, impressive lounge bar, cosy snug and decent sized car park. Occasional barbeques in summer. The Bathams beer is superb. The huge lounge bar feels like a medieval great hall. There is a small bar next door and a very cosy snug at the far end. Good warm wood-burning fires in the winter.  The garden can accomodate plenty of people and has a fine outlook over the countryside.
Apparently, until the 1950s, Bathams didn't brew a Bitter Ale and only formulated one due to pressure from the good folk who  patronised this pub! In my opinion, this almost makes this pub a shrine to good beer!

Beer: Bathams beers; Bitter & Mild - both excellent. (2.10 a pint on 20/1/10) I think the price was about 2.70 a pint on 2/1/18).
              Following the Covid-19 closure, the Bathams Mild is yet to re-appear. The Bitter is up to the usual high standard, however.

Food: Snacks  & meals, all reasonably priced. The cobs are prepared to order and are 2. Good menu with prices in the 8 to 12 range. (2/1/18)

last visited: May 12 2018

The pub

Inside the main room

View of the pub from the garden
Chaddesley Corbett  - The Talbot Inn
DY9 9TG; Tel 01562 730 249 website
16th century black-and-white timbered inn opposite the church. Cosy, comfortable and friendly inside with a selection of ales and food. Note: this is a Marston's pub, not my favourite beers by any means. However, the ales here (from the Marston's portfolio) are generally very well looked after and served and are tastier and less fizzed up than in some other Marston's pubs. There is a large separate dining area which doesn't impinge of the cosy drinkers bar and also some outside seating next to the huge car park.
After being in the same family for many years, the pub closed in 2013 and was sold. It re-opened in 2016 under new ownership.
***************************  2020 update: Pub seems to be closed again ********************************

Beer: Banks's Bitter and Mild (standard) plus usually one Guest ale - from the Marston's portfolio, generally served very well.
2/1/18: Only one ale on: Banks's Amber (very good). This may have been because it was so soon after the New Year.  Will return & check soon!

last visited: January 2, 2018

Clifton-upon-Teme - The Lion Inn
The Village WR6 6DH; Tel: 01886 812 975; website  Oen all day every day from 8am! Parking on site.

Attractive ancient pub in the heart of the village; some of the building dating from the 13th century. Friendly and cosy. Accommodation available. See website for more details.

Beer: Ludlow Gold; Wye Valley HPA;  Otter Brewery (2 different ales).
8/6/13: Tried Ludlow Gold
Food: Fair choice, but not as good as in 2012 when they had a special series of set price menus. Prices have gone up!

Visited: July 6, 2013

Clifton-upon-Teme - The New Inn
Old Road WR6 6DR; Tel: 01886 812 226; website                            Open evenings only from 5pm during the week; Saturday: open all day Saturday; Sunday: closed.

Slightly difficult to find pub with distinctive tree dominating the frontage. Friendly.

************************ 2019, now open again after being closed for some time. Still open evenings only, though. ****************

Beer: Can't remember.
Food: Home cooked food from 7.50. Not tried. See website for menu.

Visited: February 18th, 2012

Clows Top - The Colliers Arms
DY14 9HA; Tel: 01299 832 242; website

Actually situated about a mile out of the village, on the main A456 towards Bewdley. Was closed for some time, but re-opened in 2012 and is described now (2013) as a restaurant, but they do serve real ale. They also have a shop attached to the pub which has a very good choice of interesting bottled beers.

Beer: 1 or 2 ales on. served rather frothily (tight sparkler) but OK otherwise.
Food:  Good range at fair prices.
1/1/2013: I had a "breakfast" (at lunchtime) and it was very good. 

Last Visited: January 1, 2013

Dodford - The Dodford Inn
B61 9BG; Tel: 01527 575 815; website

Described as "The Pub In The Field", The Dodford Inn is a classic country pub, re-opened in 2013, but having changed little for many years. The photo really doesn't show it's best side as the pub has marvellous views over the countryside and an attractive pub garden with picnic-style table/benches. Beer selection is often rather eclectic and unusual.

Beer: varied selection; usually 3 ales at any one time
13/3/13: Holden's Golden Glow (regular?); Cottage Brewery Duchess ale; Nethergate Umbel Ale. Tried the latter 2 -
Food: Fairly standard pub grub, nice but not exceptional, in the 8 - 15 price range.
13/3/13: I was told that the menu is due to be revamped the following week.

Last Visited: March 13, 2013

Drayton - The Robin Hood Inn
DY9 0BW; Tel: 01562 730 526 website
Cosy country pub in a quiet setting. Large garden area for the summer; cosy fires inside for the winter. On my visit on Wednesday lunchtime in March, it was quiet, but I suspect it is worth booking if you want a meal in the evening, especially in the popular times (such as the weekend). Like many country pubs, food is an important part, but there is a bar area which is comfortable, where one can drink if the eaters are in!

Beer: Wye Valley HPA, Butty Bach; Holden's Golden Glow; Enville Ale.
6/3/13: Tried the HPA and Golden Glow. Both were
excellent. 3 a pint.
Food: Menu & specials board with prices (for main course meals) ranging from 10 to 16.
6/3/13: I had the pork Belly with mash, green veges, black pudding & cider sauce and a good crunchy piece of crackling. It was excellent, very tasty indeed (14).

Visited: August 7th, 2013

Droitwich - The Hop Pole
40, Friar Street WR9 8ED; Tel: 01905 770 155
Friendly and unspoilt pub at the end of Friar Street, which is (now) a cul-de-sac. Good selection of well-kept ales and unpretentious home-cooked food at very good prices.
Parking possible outside or further sdown the road, but the main town car park is only a couplf of minutes walk

Beer: Wye Valley HPA, Butty Bach; Malvern Hills Black Pear; plus guests (usually 4 or 5 ales on)
Food: Good value and very tasty traditional food cooked fresh to order.

July 29, 2015, September 2016

inside the main bar
Dunley - The Dog Inn
DY13 0UE; Tel: 01299 822 833    website                  Open evenings only during the week, but all day on Friday and at weekends. Large car park on site.

Friendly country pub, with attractive garden and bowling green. Unfortunately, what was previously a cosy comfortable lounge area is now a rather structured restaurant. You can still go in for drinks only, but it doesn't feel comfortable and snug. There is a smart bar and also a tiny snug, down a few steps.

Having said all that, the beer's very good and so is the food, and the staff are friendly, though they appear to be expecting you to eat! Recommended.

Beer:  Varies, but usually 2-3 ales including Wye Valley HPA.
14/9/2016: Wye Valley HPA; Banks's Bitter; Hobson's Hedgehog on tap. Tried the HPA and the Hedgehog. Both were excellent.
23/5/2018: Wye Valley HPA and Butty Bach available. I had the HPA which was excellent.
Food: Two menus: Budget meals at about 5; Standard at about 10.
                    2020 menu from website: - interesting choices at reasonable prices, 8 - 15 range. "Light Bites" at 5 each.

14/9/2016: I had the Ham & vegetables at 4.95. It was excellent and appeared home-cooked. Recommended.

Visited: March 2012, February 2013, September 14th 2016, May 23, 12018

The pub inside back in 2012.
Far Forest - The Plough Inn
DY14 9TE; Tel: 01299 266 237; website

Comfortable country pub concentrating largely on food, especially its carveries. However, there is a cosy comfortable lounge put aside for those who just want a quiet drink.

Beer: Wye Valley HPA - very good. (pub is in Good Beer Guide 2010)
Food: Looks impressive and a carvery on Sundays.

Visited: September, 2009

Hanley Broadheath - The Fox Inn
WR15 8QS; Tel: 01886 853 189; website

Unspoiled 16th century country pub, brewing its own beers (JHS Brewery). Both from the outside and inside this is obviously an ancient building with the look and feel of an old pub. This is the home of the JHS brewery which brews several different beers.

Beer: JHS beer range, plus Batham's bitter, Holden's Golden Glow.
6/1/13: Tried JHS Foxy Lady.
Excellent. And only 2 a pint, worth travelling for!
Food:  Mid-priced meals in evenings only.

Visited: July 6, 2013

Hartlebury - The White Hart
DY11 7TD; Tel: 01299 250 286; website

Former Marston's pub in the centre of Hartlebury village, now owned by Punch Taverns. Friendly and surprisingly small inside. Pleasant and with a real fire in the winter, but slightly marred by the large screen TV and constant "background" music.
Optional handled glass supplied if required!

Beer: Wye Valley HPA & Butty Bach on my visit. Excellent. HPA was 3.15 pint
Food: Menu & specials board

Visited: February 3, 2016 (lunchtime)

Inside the bar
Kidderminster - The Golden Lion                                       WhatPub entry
George Street, DY10 1PX; Tel:                                                                Open all day every day. Car parking next to pub.

Traditional unspoilt friendly locals pub, now seemingly at the end of a cul-de-sac cut off by the ring road.

Beer: Selection varies, but always includes Bank's Bitter, Wainwrights &  Exmoor Gold.
25/4/18: On my visit they also had beers from Wye Valley, Bewdley & Three Tuns breweries. I had the Three Tuns XXX and it was excellent.

Food: Fresh cobs & snacks.

Visited: April 25, 2018

Kidderminster - The King And Castle
DY10 1QX; Tel: 01562 747 505

This is the converted waiting room at the Severn Valley Railway station in Kidderminster. It has an opulent, Edwardian feel and is very friendly and is obviously a regular meeting place for many people. The beer is top-class in quality. Parking is limited and beware that they lock the gates to the station car park at 8pm in the evening. Usually about 5 beers available. Listed in Good Beer Guide 2011.

Beer: Bathams bitter; Hobson's Mild; Wyre Piddle Royal Piddle (brewed specially for this pub and on sale at an incredible 1.85 pint). all excellent.
02-12-09: Guest beers: Hop Back Crop Circle; Wyre Piddle Polar Piddle; Enville Ginger. Tried all but the Batham's and they were in
perfect condition. 
23-11-10: Tried Royal Piddle & Orkney Northern Light: OK, but nothing special. Also Batham's bitter & a beer with "Nelson" in the name. These were excellent both in taste & quality. My only complaint is that the beer was nearer to room temperature than cellar temperature.
Food: Didn't check. I believe they do lunchtime light meals during the weekdays.

Visited: December 2nd, 2009, Nov 23, 2010

In the main room at Christmas

A view of the bar
Kidderminster - The Station Inn                                                      WhatPub entry   (CAMRA discount)
7 Farfield, DY10 1UG; Tel: 015
62 569 621; website                             Open all day every day. Car parking next to the pub.
Attractive, unspoilt and very friendly pub. Very popular.

Beer: 4 or 5 beers on generally. Usually includes Enville Ale, Holden's Golden Glow, Wye Valley HPA & Butty Bach.
25/4/18: I had the guest beer: Sharp's Atlantic, which was excellent.

Food: Traditional home-cokked unpretentious pub grub. Judging by the number of people eating there on a weekday lunchtime, the food is excellent and good value for money. Prices at 2 meals for 14 or 16 depending on menu (April 2018).

Visited: April 25, 2018

Kidderminster - The Swan                                                                  WhatPub entry
Vicar Stret, DY10 1DE (opposite Town Hall); Tel:  01562 823008         Open all day every day except Mon, Tue, Wed closed in the evening after 7pm.   No car park.

Traditional pub with some seating outside in the precinct. 3 large-screen TVs in the main bar, but with other (maybe quieter) areas as well.

Beer: 5 or 6 ales on. Regulars are Bewdley Sir Keith Park & Worcestershire Way, St Austell Tribute.
19/5/18: Also had Wye Valley HPA & Sharps Sea Fury. I tried the Sea Fury and it was excellent.

Food: Didn't check.

Visited: May 19, 2018

Kidderminster - Weavers Real Ale House                                    WhatPub entry   (5% CAMRA discount in this pub)
98, Comberton Hill, DY10 1QH; Tel: 01562
229 413                                      Open all day every day. No associated parking
A shop converted into a "pop-up" styled pub. Friendly and comfortable inside, the room felt open and uncluttered.

Beer: Selection varies, between 5 and 7 ales on usually, mainly locally produced.
Food: Cobs and pub snacks. Own food may be taken in to be eaten.

Visited: April 25, 2018

View of the room from next to the bar
Kidderminster - Ye Olde Seven Stars
13-14 Coventry Street, DY10 2BG; Tel: 01562 755 777

The oldest pub in Kidderminster. Lots of oak-panelling. Friendly and quite busy, considering my visit was on a Tuesday evening, generally a rather dead time in pubs. Listed in Good Beer Guide 2011.

Beer: An ever-changing selection, usually about 5 or 6 different ales, often quite obscure.
23/11/10: Tried Robinson's dizzy blonde; Kinver Krystal. Both nice beers and well-kept, but I think they were served under top-pressure as there was a slight fizz in the glass and in the taste.
Food: You can take your own and they will provide plates, cutlery & condiments. I don't know if they serve meals as well.
Verdict: Liked  the pub, but not sure about the beer.

Visited: November 23, 2010

Knightwick - The Talbot
WR6 5PH; Tel: 01886 821 235; website

Home of the Teme Valley Brewery; at the rear of the pub are hop fields, where the hops used in the beers are grown. This is a charming 15th century coaching Inn, serving food and drink all day every day. Quite apart from brewing its own beer, all the food is prepared and cooked on the premises using local ingredients (and imaginative recipes) for everything apart from the fish, which is from Cornwall and Wales. It is a relaxed and friendly place for a quiet drink and/or a tasty meal. The Inn has been run by the same family for over a quarter of a century.

Beer: The Teme Valley own brews on sale. The usual beers are called "This", "That" and "T'other", all of which are quite light in alcohol but very tasty.
1/3/11: Tried "This" and "T'other" and also another of their beers: Cold Harbour(?). All were
excellent. (2.25 pint)
Food: Prices are mainly around the 10 mark. On the day of my visit, they had a St David's Day special on which was a Welsh Mutton Stew. This was wonderful and amazingly tasty.

Visited: March 1, 2011

Lye - The Windsor Castle
7, Stourbridge Road, DY9 7DG; Tel: 01384 897 809

The brewery tap for the Sadler's Brewery which is next door to the pub. Although this was part of a factory until a few years ago, the pub has the timeless feel of a pub that's been attracting local drinkers for centuries. Unspoiled and friendly.  There seem to be a pleasant aroma of brewing and hops in the pub. My only criticism is that the food is quite expensive for a pub (meals are 10 - 14), and the beers were more expensive than you'd expect, given that they don't have to be transported at all (about 2.60 a pint which is about the usual price for beers generally in 2011).

Beer: Sadlers brew a wide range of different beers and there are usually 7 or 8 different ales available.
5/2/11: My friend and I tried 4 different ales. All were
excellent and in top condition and were quite different from each other. Definitely recommended.
Food: There is a good choice of home-cooked traditional pub meals. I had a chicken curry which was really tasty and well-balanced.

Visited: February 4, 2011

Mamble - The Sun And Slipper
DY14 9JL; Tel: 01299 832 018; website                   NOTE: Closed Mondays (except bank holidays) and Sunday evenings.

17th century country pub in ancient Worcestershire village. Friendly pub popular with the local people. Pleasant and comfortable.

Beer: 2 real ales, kept well. Served through a sparkler, but still tasty.
Food: Not tried, but it is well-regarded for it's food and you may have to book at busy times. See website for details.

Visited: February 2013

Newnham Bridge - The Talbot Inn
At the junction of A443 and A456. WR15 8JF; Tel: 01584 781 941; website

Comfortable hotel styled 19th century coahing inn with accommodation.
Change of ownership in 2013. The food is now of a high quality and fairly high-priced for pub, but of an excellent standard.

Beer: Hobson's Bitter, Mild; Wye Valley HPA. Excellent
Food: Quite pricey, but of a very high standard. 

Visited: April 16, 2014

Pensax - The Bell                                                                     
WR6 6AE; Tel: 01299 896 677; website     NOTE:
Open every day, except Monday lunchtime (except Bank holiday Mondays, when it is open at lunchtime)
The pub is actually on the main road (B4202), a mile or two from Pensax, actually at Snead Common. This is a classic country pub with marvellous views over the Worcestershire countryside. Inside, the pub is traditional and welcoming; real fires in the winter. A 'Mecca' for real ale enthusiasts as there are always a number of interesting ales on tap (usually 5 or 6), always in excellent condition. The pub has won a number of awards for its ales. Food is available too. I've visited the pub many times and never had anything but excellent beer. In addition, the landlord, his wife and helpers are enthusiastic, friendly and chatty.

Beer: 4 to 6 various and ever-changing ales including Hobson's ales. Also Weston's real cider & Perry.          Always excellent.
Jan 4, 2014: Weatheroak Brewery Miss Stout; Bewdley Worcestershire Way; Hobson's Best; Purity Mad Goose. All excellent
Food: Good food, mid-priced, and recommended. From snacks and sandwiches to full meals.
May 1, 2013: I had Game Pie. It was a huge piece and extremely tasty and nice fresh veg.
Jan 4, 2014: I had Game pie again (it was so good last time!). Still excellent, and a very generous portion, with veg. 6.50
Sept 2016: I had faggots & peas - excellent; tasty and filling

Visited: Often over the years - latest visit April 2018

Pound Green - Ye Olde New Inn
DY12 3LF; Tel: 01299 401 271; website

Very nice 17th century pub on the road from Button Oak to the River at Arley. Inside it is quite big, but quite "nooky". Comfy seating by a real log file made this the sort of pub you don't want to leave. Food can be served in the separate restaurant or in the bar and lounge areas.

Beer: Hobson's bitter; Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody Golden ale. Both very good.
27/12/09 visit, had to return the beer as they had not pulled through the stale beer left in the pipes from the previous session. This is such a basic error, but one to watch out for if the pub is quiet or you are one of the first in.

Food: Good varied menu (see website); prices medium to high. Didn't try the food, but the aroma was really tempting, despite the fact I'd already eaten that evening.

visited: October 13th, 2009; December 27, 2009, Oct 2010

Rock - The Rock Cross Inn
DY14 9SD; Tel: 01299 832 533 website                   Open evenings only during the week; at weekends open all day from midday.

Cosy friendly pub at the crossroads in the village. 3 or more real ales always on, and always (in my experience) excellent and competitively priced.

Beer:  Hobson's Bitter and Twisted Spire; Bewdley Worcester Way; Robinson's Wags To Witches. All excellent. Prices very competitive at 2.30 pt for the local beers (3/11/09). Suspect Hobson's is a fixture.
16/11/10: Hobsons Bitter & Bewdley Worcestershire Way. Prices still less than 2.50 a pint and beer still
Food: Varied menu - prices in the 5 - 10 range described as home-cooked. Food not tried yet. Sunday Lunches also.

Visited a few times in the summer of 2011 and they seem to always have 5 ales on, and all those tried are
excellent. Definitely recommended.

visited: November 3rd, 2009, Nov 16, 2010, May-June-July 2011 and occasional visits during 2011 & 2012

A view in the bar

The dining area
Shatterford - The Bellman's Cross Inn
DY12 1RN; Tel: 01299 861 322

Attractive and comfortable pub with the emphasis on food rather than drink. Seems to be a Marston's pub, based on the beer choice.

Beer:  Banks's bitter, Jennings Cumberland Ale. (bland, cold & frothy)
Food: Food is expensive and rather pretentious for a pub.

Last visited: November 24th 2009

Shatterford - The Red Lion
DY12 1SU; Tel: 01299 861 221; website

Nineteenth century Inn near the corner of Lion Lane and the A442.
The bar/lounge is comfortable and traditional. Two or three ales available usually.

**** This pub closed in 2011 and was subsequently vandalised, then almost completely destroyed by fire in April 2012. ****
**** The remains of the building were eventually demolished and the site now has new houses built on it (2018). ****

Beer:  Batham's Bitter (excellent)
Food: Food is an important part of the pub but it doesn't encroach on the drinking area.

Last visited: November 24th 2009

Shenstone - The Hare And Hounds                                          WhatPub entry
Worcester Road, DY10 4BU; Tel: 01562 777 585                                           Open all day every day. Large car park next to the pub

Old pub on the main road, but recently modernised in current 21st century style (2017). Geared towards food. Not much room for drinkers.

Beer:  2 - 3 ales usually available, including beers from Enville, Wye Valley & Holdens breweries
12/5/18: I had Holden's Golden Glow, which was very good, but unexceptional.

Food: Meals served all day

Last visited: May 12th 2018

Shenstone - The Plough                                                               WhatPub entry
DY10 4DL; Tel: 01562 777340 website                                           Open every day, but closes during the afternoon on weekdays. Small car park next to the pub

Popular locals pub, comfortable, cosy & very friendly. Real fire in the cold season.  Outside garden area for the summer.

Beer:  Bathams' Bitter, Mild, XXX (winter only) Good prices and kept in excellent condition.
12/5/18: The Bathams Mild was to die for!

Food: snacks, e.g. cobs & pork pies only. The cobs are fresh - made to order - with freshly sliced ham or good chunky cheese. Recommended.

Last visited: May 12th 2018

Shrawley - The New Inn
WR6 6TE; Tel: 01299 822 701; website                    Open all day every day from Midday; food served all day.

Dating from the early 19th century, this has a traditional unspoilt feel about it, friendly and with a real fire. It is a free house. The new tenant manager (from November 2015) is enthusiastic and friendly. The pub
is now (from April 2016) Cask Marque accredited and has been told he sells some of the very best Wye Valley beer in the area. I would agree with that - at least on a par with pubs like The Black Star in Stourport where it is excellent. He is planning to increase the variety of beers available in the near future.

Beer:  Wye Valley HPA (3 pint*) (excellent); Butcome Bitter (3.20 pint*) (very good); Banks's Mild.
Food: Extensive selection of unpretentions, and freshly prepared meals, mostly (if not all) under 10.
27-1-16: Pork cider sausage baguette with chips (5.95). A large meal, almost enough for two people. Very tasty.
6-4-16: Wiltshire ham, two eggs & chips. Very good. A good plateful, satisfying without being too big.

Last visited:
January 27, 2016*, April 6, 2016, September 2016

Stanford Bridge - The Bridge Hotel
WR6 6RU; Tel: 01886 812 771 website

Attractive old hotel/Inn next to the original bridge at Stanford Bridge. Pleasant, comfortable and friendly place to drink or eat. Choice of 4  ales; the ones I tried were in excellent condition. The food choice may seem pretty standard fare, but the food itself is home-cooked; very tasty and satisfying. Recommended.

Beer:  Wye Valley HPA; Hobson's Twisted Spire; Malvern Black Pear; Wye Valley Xmas ale.
The HPA and Twisted Spire were
Food: Home-cooked food of a high standard.
8/1/11:. I had Gammon & Chips (with peas, egg, pineapple ring & onion rings). This was very tasty.

Last visited: January 8, 2011

Stourbridge - The Duke William
25, Coventry Street, DY8 1EP; Tel: 01384 440 202

Unspoiled town pub on the edge of the ring-road, opposite the Birmingham Road. Home of Craddock's Brewery. Friendly pub with excellent beer. Parking is tricky; some spaces outside, and a small pay car park next door.

CAMRA pub of the year in 2011 for the local branch. Well-deserved in my opinion.

Beer: Craddock's ales; usually 4 to 6 different ones on tap. Very tasty beer, in excellent condition.
Food: snacks, such as filled baguettes.

Last visited: February 2013

Stourbridge - The Royal Exchange
75, Enville Street, DY8 1XW; Tel: 01384 396 726

Traditional friendly locals pub not far from the main ring road of Stourbridge. The beer is excellent and the cobs are fresh and all is well-priced. Parking can be tricky, though there is a small free car park just opposite (if youi're lucky enough to find a space).

Beer: Bathams Bitter, Mild (excellent)
Food: Interesting fresh cobs.

Last visited: 2014 or 2015

Stourport - The Bird In Hand
Holly Road, DY13 9BA; Tel: 01299 861 322                           Open lunchtime & evening

Cosy and traditional pub next to the canal. Slightly difficult to find in the car (there is a small car park), but better approached from the canal. Attractive canal-side area. Between 1 and 3 ales usually available usually including one from Hobson's brewery, and home-cooked food.

Beer:  Varies, but generally includes a Hobsons ale.
20/1/18: Wye Valley HPA (excellent), Hobsons's Town Crier; Holden's Golden Glow
23/5/18: Wye Valley HPA, Hobson's Town Crier, St Austell Tribute, : I had the Tribute which was excellent.

Food: Home-cooked (not tried). On 20/1/18 they had basket meals @4; Omelettes @ 3.50

Last visited: December 2015, May 2016, January 20, 2018, May 23, 2018

Stourport - The Black Star
Mitton Street, DY13 9AA; Tel: 01299 822 385

Friendly old pub by the canal and adjacent to the road bridge. Wye Valley Brewery own and run the pub. The manager and staff are friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. The beer is always excellent and the food tasty, unpretentious and fresh, and priced well.
Parking: public car park on the main road opposite Lidl: free for 1 hour, pay after that. Both Lidl and Tescos allow you to shop and leave your car in their car park for a while.

Beer:  Wye Valley HPA, Butty Bach, Dorothy Goodbody (various). Usually 4 or 5 ales on tap, sometimes including the hard-to-find Wye Valley Bitter.
Food: Food available lunchtimes & evening. Excellent and good value for money too, generally in the 8 - 13 range.

Last visited: December 2017, March 15, 2018

Stourport - The Hollybush
Mitton Street, DY13 9AA; Tel: 01299 822 385

Pub owned by Black Country Ales. Has a good selection of unusual ales, including some of the Black Country Ales' own brews. The pub is cosy and friendly with a real fire in the cold weather, and runs quiz nights. No car parking by the pub: Nearby is the public car park which is free for 1 hour, pay after that; I believe the Tescos nearly allow you to park in their car park for up to 2 hours if you shop there first.

Beer:  Black Country ales plus guests (up to 6 beers on)
20/1/18: I had Froth Blowers' Barking  Mad (excellent). Fruity flavoured golden ale.

Food: Fresh cobs: cheese 2, Ham 3; pork pies; plus the usual crisps & nuts.

Last visited: January 20, 2018

Stourport - The Old Rose And Crown
Worcester Road, DY13 9PA; Tel:
01299 488 513; website
Marston's Pub on the Worcester Road out of Stourport. Comfortable and friendly.

Beer:  Marston's ales and those from the Marston's portfoilio. Kept well.
Food: available, but not tried.

Last visited: Early 2013

Stourport (Wilden) - The Rock Tavern
80, Wilden Lane, DY13 9LR; Tel: 01299 822 962                         NOTE: May 2018, From Mon - Thu opens evenings (5pm) only

Although an old pub, it appears quite modern inside with tiled flooring and dining tables. Nice real fire in the winter. Some comfy seating is provided, though. Friendly, knowledgable staff and cosy fires make it an relaxing place. Food is quite important, but not to the exclusion of drinkers.  Car park directly opposite the pub.
An interesting and important point (other pubs please note), the staff know to pull off the first pint before serving yours. This means you don't get a stale pint if you happen to be the first to drink that particular beer in that session.

Beer:  3-4 ales on. These usually include Wye Valley HPA, St Austell Triblute and Three Tuns XXX. All very well kept.
3/2/16: Guest ales: St Austell Tribute, Three Tuns XXX, Goff's Tournament. Tried the Tournament & XXX. Both Excellent 3.15 pint
Food: Good menu, but moderately expensive generally.
3/2/16: I had Scampi & chips with peas at 9.95. Very tasty, but the chips were rather ordinary.

visited: February 3 2016, December 2017

View of the bar
Stourport - Ye Old Crown Inn (Wetherspoon's)
Bridge Street, DY13 6XB; Tel: 01299 825 693

Wetherspoons pub overlooking the river.

Beer:  2-3 beers on during the week, but often 4-6 at the weekend. However, the beer is kept very well, though is often a bit too cold.
Food: large glossy menu. Usual Wetherspoon's fare.

Last visited: February 2013

Tenbury Wells - The Peacock Inn (Boraston)
WR15 8LZ; Tel: 01584 810 506

A genuine ancient inn (i.e. a place you can stay). There seems to be a bar and a small lounge, though the latter is geared up mainly for eating. The food looked good and was probably homecooked. Three handpulls, but only one beer available on my visit. Unfortunately, the beer was sour and harsh, obviously well past it's best and the "background music" was over-obtrusive and unpleasant. I may have been unlucky.

NOTE: The pub has changed owners since my review; may be worth a revisit.

Beer:  Hobson's Bitter (poor)
Food: Looked interesting, mid-priced.

Last visited: April 3rd, 2010

Tenbury Wells - The Pembroke House
WR15 8EQ; Tel: 01584 810 301

Attractive, 16th century timbered building at the south end of the town. The pub has a friendly feel as soon as you walk in. The bar / lounge area is not big, though there may be other rooms (there is a separate dining room). The beer was excellent as was the food, which is cooked to order by the owner / landlord who is also a chef.

Beer:  Hobson's Bitter; guest ale (Green King IPA) (both excellent)
Food: Top class, mid to high price range but definitely worth it. I had a haddock & salmon pie (with peas). Very tasty and filling (7.95).

Last visited: April 3rd, 2010

Tenbury Wells - The Ship Inn
WR15 8AE; Tel: 01584 810 269; website

!6th century pub in the High Street of town. Pleasant pub with a food emphasis, hence only a small drinker's area.

Beer:  Hobson's Bitter (not tried); Wye Valley Butty Bach (excellent)
Food: Looked interesting, highish-priced (10 upwards).

Last visited: April 3rd, 2010

Uphampton - The Fruiterers Arms
WR9 0JW; Tel: 01905 620 305; website

The Fruiterers has been in the same family since 1830, and started the Cannon Royall Brewery in 1993. Unfortunatley, in late 2017, or early 2018, they closed the brewery, but still keep a good selection of about 4 - 6 ales on tap. (NOTE (April 2018): The closure of the brewery is expected to be temporary, their own beers are now being brewed in a brewery in Malvern).  Considering the remoteness of the pub, this may be too many for all to be on top form, at least in the quiet times, but it is still worth a visit. A selection from the Wye Valley brewery seem to be always available, plus some from other quite local breweries. Prices are always very competetive, unlike some of the pubs in nearby Ombersley.
The pub is cosy and quirky inside with a small conservatory at the back. Although it appears to be miles from anywhere, there are loyal regulars who use the pub, with a lodge park next door (owned by the same people as the pub) and the village of Uphampton is close by. Live music on some evenings. Parking next to the pub.

:  Wye Valley ales, generally 3-4 of them, plus other local ales.
Feb 14, 2018: Beers were Wye Valley and Weatheoak "Light Oak". Very good.
Food: Cobs usually available and the usual crips, nuts &c.

Last visited:  February 14, 2018

Inside the lounge
Wollaston - The Foresters Arms
Bridgnorth Road DY8 3PL; Tel: 01384 394 476;

At the top of the hill going out towards Kinver & Bridgnorth. Copy and friendly old pub
Beer:  Enville Ale; Wye Valley HPA;  (excellent) plus guests

Last visited: 2014
Wollaston - The Plough Inn
154, Bridgnorth Road DY8 3PD; Tel: 01384 393 414;

Large Victorian tavern. Despite the rather grand outward appearance this is cosy inside and friendly and also very popular.
Beer:  Hobsons Town Crier; Wye Valley HPA;  (excellent) plus guests

Last visited: 2014
Wollaston - The Unicorn
125, Bridgnorth Road DY8 3NX; Tel: 01384 394 823;

Cosy and unspoilt locals pub; very friendly and welcoming. Some of the best Bathams you can find!
Beer:  Bathams Bitter (2.75), mild (2.45) (2018 prices) (excellent)
Food: Fresh cobs  @ 1.50 (2018)

Last visited: Feb 7, 2018
Wolverley - The Queen's Head
DY11 5XB; Tel: 01562 850 433; website                                 Open all day every day

Attractive pub in a picture-postcard village. This is a Marston's pub (see my comments at the top of the page).
Beer:  Banks' Bitter; Guests from Marston's Portfolio. In 2009 it was Jenning's Redbreast (very good); in 2017 it was Ringwood Boon Doggle (excellent]
Food: not tried, but good choice with traditional unpretentious menu available, including an "under 5" menu. Main menu prices in the 10-14 range (2017)

Last visited: December 23rd 2009; December 27th 2017

Inside the Lounge