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This will only be covering South Staffordshire, probably the Kinver area.

Martson's and Banks's pubs: Back in the 1980s, Banks's and (especially) Marston's pubs and ales were a guarantee of a superb pint and usually something interesting in a pub. Unfortunately in the last few years, this is no longer the case. All the Marston's/Banks's pubs I have tried recently serve the beer much too cold and also squeeze it through a much-too-tight sparkler which destroys the taste and makes the beers these pubs sell (often quite an interesting selection) all taste rather "samey" and often bland. It is a great pity and  for this reason, I generally avoid these pubs, though I do occasionally try them just in case there are any which buck the trend. I would love to try some Banks's or Marston's beers at an independent pub or from the barrel (e.g. at a beer festival) just to find out if they are still as good as they used to be.

Page last updated: May 03, 2018

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Amblecote - The Robin Hood                                     Not open Monday & Tuesday lunchtimes.                                                           "What pub" entry
196-200 Collis St, Amblecote, Stourbridge DY8 4EQ, Tel: 01384 821 120   [note: Collis Street is one-way running from Brettell Lane to the main road.]
Parking on the road outside the pub, the side road just after the pub and possibly in the park's small car park opposite as well.

Cosy, friendly and comfortable, but unspoiled, this is a gem of a pub, with a changing array of interesting ales and an unfussy food menu. It is also bigger that you would expect with about four separate rooms in which to savour your drink and/or food. If you are not sure which ales to have, you will most likely be offered a sample to try (as we were). This may not help much as they are all kept so well !

Beer: Bathams Bitter & Mild; Holden's Golden Glow; Old Swan Bumblehole & Entire; Kinver Light Railway; Enville Ginger.
1-2-2014: We tried Bathams Bitter; Holden's Golden Glow, Old Swan Bumblehole & Entire. All were
from fresh cobs to full meals, at reasonable prices.

Last Visited: February 1, 2014

Enville - The Cat Inn                        Open every day, but not Monday lunchtime. Closes most afternoons.                "What Pub" entry
DY7 5HA; Tel: 01384 872209; website

Attractive and cosy 18th century pub in unspoiled village. There is a small garden with about 10 tables for the nice eweather and some real fires inside for the winter. This pub is one of the main outlets for Enville Brewery's ales. They have the honey-enhanced Enville Ale on as standard, with a couple of other Enville ales usually available. In addition they generally have 2 or 3 guest ales from other fairly local breweries.

Beer: Enville Bitter, Enville White, Enville Ginger. All beer is served through a tight sparkler, which deadens the taste a little.
            Guest ales usually include Pardoe's original; Three Tuns 1642 bitter; Exmoor Gold;  Salopian (various).

9/1/18: Guest ales tried: Pardoe's Original (excellent);  Salopian Shropshire Gold (excellent).
I also tried the Enville Ale (the one with honey) which I found I still didn't like. Just a personal taste.

Food: Good selection of home-cooked food; prices in the 10 - 14 range. Also sandwiches, baguettes & jacket potatoes.
9/1/18: I had their home made steak & Ale pie with fresh vegetables (11.45). It was excellent.

Visited: January 13, 2016, January 9, 2018

Kinver - The Cross Inn
Church Hill, DY7 6HZ, Tel: 01384 872 435

Situated just off the one end of the high street, this pub was refurbished and re-opened in 2010 after being derelict for some years. It is now owned by Black Country Ales and, as is usual with their pubs, serves a number of fairly obscure beers from around the country as well as BCA's own brews.  The pub is clean, comfortable and cosy, with an open fire in the winter months.

Beer: BCA various (none on at my visit), plus about 4 guests ales.
8-3-11: Orkney Northern Light
(very good, but a little hazy); Downton Maryska (Ok but a bit cloudy) ; White Horse Boiling Well (excellent)
Food: Snacks such as rolls, cobs, toasties and pies all under 2 each (Tuesday lunchtime visit)

Last Visited: March 8, 2011


Kinver - The Plough And Harrow                              Open evenings only during the week, but all day at weekends.             "What Pub" entry
DY7 6HD, Tel: 01384 872 659

Friendly unspoilt Batham's pub at the North end of the town. A big-screen TV is fitted and may be in use during "important" sports events. The pub is currently managed by a member of the Batham family (2018). Tiny car park next to the pub, but free parking available in the town.

Beer: Bathams Bitter and Mild (excellent - top-class condition)
21/12/13: Bitter was 2.60 a pint.
Food: Freshly-made cobs & snacks, including home-made pork-pies, some with unusual flavours, such as Batham's ale!

Last Visited: December 21, 2013, January 8, 2018

Kinver - The Royal Exchange                                                        Open all day every day                                                                                       "What Pub" entry
DY7 6ER, Tel: 01384 872 683

Small traditional locals pub at the north end of the town at the start of the Enville road. Real fire.

Beer: Bank's Bitter; Wychwood's Bah Humbug (excellent - extremely tasty) ; Ringwood Huffkin ale (very good, but a bit bland) Beer a little on the cold & over-sparkled side.
Food: cobs & pork pies.



Last Visited: December 8, 2009

Kinver - The Vine                                                                                Open all day every day                                                                                 "What Pub" entry
DY7 6LJ, Tel: 01384 877 291; website

A comfortable pub next to the canal. Lots of outside picnic tables by the canal. Gas open fire.  Large car park.
Recently re-opened (2013). The website says it has been completely modernized & refurbished, but to my eyes it hadn't changed much since my last visit in 2011.

Beer: Kinver Edge; Enville Ale & Enville Ginger; Salopian Hop Twister; St Austell Tribute. (The last two are guest ales).
Tried Kinver Edge (Excellent, but quite expensive at 3.15 a pint)
Food: very limited choice of standard pub grub in the 7- 10 price range. (not tried) (see website).

Last Visited: December 21, 2013.

Sedgley - The Beacon Hotel                          Open every day, but closes in the afternoons. Large car park to the left of the pub.       "What pub" entry
129, Bilston Street, DY3 1JE, Tel: 01902 883380

Home of the Sarah Hughes Bewery, which is behind the pub, and this is one of the few (or only?) places that sells their beers.
The pub is an unspoiled traditional gem, with several spacious rooms, all served from a central screened bar.
The beer is excellent; my only slight gripe is that I'd like to see more session ales.
I didn't specifically note the prices, but the Amber was less than 3 a pint, which is amazing these days (2018).
Traditional note: Ber is usually served in the old-styled handled "jugs" and not through "swan-neck" dispense, both of which I thoroughly approve of!

Beer: Sarah Hughes: Amber, surprise, Dark Ruby Mild; Guest beer: Green Duck
2/5/18: I tried the Amber and the Dark Ruby mild. The amber, although quite pale, is a tasty traditional bitter. the Dark Ruby Mild, at 6% ABV is a gorgeous beer, but beware of its strength! Tried the Green Duck,  but it is very citrusy; not to my taste at all.
Food: Freshly-made cobs

Last Visited: May 2, 2018

Stourton - The Fox Inn                                               Open every day, closes in the afternoons.                                                                "What Pub" entry
DY7 5BL, Tel: 01384 872 614; website

On the A458 Stourbridge to Bridgnorth road. Pub with quite an emphasis on food, but with good beer as well.

Beer: Batham's Bitter; Enville Ginger Ale. - both Excellent
Food: Quite a good selection in the 6 - 10 range.
8-12-09: I had beef, mushroom and stilton pie (flaky pastry), with chips & peas. It was huge and LOTS of meat. Very tasty.

Last Visited: December 8, 2009.