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As my base for exploring Shropshire is Bewdley, just into Worcestershire, south of Shropshire, most, if not all the Shropshire pubs I try will be in the south part of the county.

Martson's and Banks's pubs: Back in the 1980s, Banks's and (especially) Marston's pubs and ales were a guarantee of a superb pint and usually something interesting in a pub. Unfortunately in the last few years, this is no longer the case. All the Marston's/Banks's pubs I have tried recently serve the beer much too cold and also squeeze it through a much-too-tight sparkler which destroys the taste and makes the beers these pubs sell (often quite an interesting selection) all taste rather "samey" and often bland. It is a great pity and  for this reason, I generally avoid these pubs, though I do occasionally try them just in case there are any which buck the trend. I would love to try some Banks's or Marston's beers at an independent pub or from the barrel (e.g. at a beer festival) just to find out if they are still as good as they used to be.

Page last updated: February 22, 2018

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Bridgnorth - The Golden Lion
WV16 4DS, Tel: 01746 762 016; website

A friendly, comfortable pub in the High Street.

Beer: 4-6 ales usually available and in excellent condition.
13-3-2010: Wye Valley HPA
(excellent); Hobson's Town Crier; Greene King IPA (excellent) & Abbott Ale; Moreland's Old Speckled Hen.
Food: Tasty home-cooked traditional English food, generally served without chips, but with fresh vegetables.

Last visited: March 13, 2010

Bridgnorth - The Railwayman's Arms
WV16 4AX, Tel: 01746 764 361;

Set in the old waiting room of Bridgnorth station at the terminus of the Severn Valley Railway, this has a delightful feel of times past.  You can sit out on the platform and enjoy the arrival and departure of the steam trains.

Beer: 5 or 6 ales usually available, and always excellent. Usually includes Batham's bitter and mild.
Food: snacks only.
Last visited: March 13, 2010

Bridgnorth - The White Lion
WV16 4AB, Tel: 01746 763 962; website

An attractive 18th century pub with a friendly atmosphere. Now bers its own ales which are excellent

Beer: 2-3 ales usually available
13-3-2010: St Austell Tribute; Ironbridge brewery ale
*; Harvest Pale ale (not sure of brewer for this one)* *tried - excellent
Food: Excellent home-cooked food at a good price.

Last visited: July 2, 2013

Chelmarsh - The Bull's Head
WV16 4BA, Tel: 01746 861 469; website

A traditional 18th century pub with a friendly atmosphere.  Spoiled somewhat on our visit by prominent background music. There are lodges for overnight guests.

Beer: 2-3 ales available; Wye Valley HPA; Greene King Olde Trip. The HPA and Olde Trip were O.K., but rather bland and it appeared some top-pressure was being used on the beer and/or a tight sparkler on the tap, making it too smooth and lacking in character.
9/4/13: Wye Valley HPA & Dorothy Goodbody Hoppity Hop. Beer good, but still appeared to be slightly fizzy or tightly sparkled, as on previous visit, so a bit bland.
Food: Good selection - interesting menu (see website). Price range: 7 - 12
9/4/13: I had an excellent home-made fish pie for 7.95. Lots of fish, very tasty.

Last visited: January 18, 2011, April 9, 2013

Cleobury Mortimer - The Bell
DY14 8AA, Tel: 01299 270 305;

A cosy, comfortable pub in the High Street. Note the fish tank prominently placed in the lounge.  (Apologies for the vacuum cleaner in the photo, we caught the landlord doing the housekeeping on Saturday morning!)

Beer: Just the one ale usually on tap.
28-11-09: Three Tuns XXX -
Food: Not checked

Last visited: March 27, 2010

Cleobury Mortimer - The Blount Arms
DY14 9BE, Tel: 01299 270 423; website

The pub is out of the town on the A4117 towards Bewdley. A country pub with decent sized car park and attractive garden. Friendly & comfortable.

Beer: Hobson's: Bitter, Twisted Spire plus at least one other (usually Wye Valley HPA).
4/12/10: The Hobson's Bitter and Hobson's Twisted Spire were
Food: Varies from snacks to full meals, many home made, all at good prices.
4/12/10: Home made Steak & Kidney pie (shortcrust pastry) with veges & chips: Excellent & good value at 5.95. Veg Lasagne with Jacket potato & salad, same price also very good.
2012: Had a meal in late 2012 - the food was as excellent as ever.

Last visited: December 4 2010, 2012

Cleobury Mortimer - The Kings Arms Hotel
DY14 8BS, Tel: 01299 271 954; website

Brewery tap for the local Hobson's Brewery. The pub is of the hard floor / scrubbed tables style of which I'm not particularly keen (Note: in the 2010 Good Beer Guide, it says there is a lounge with comfy seating), but it is friendly. An open fire in the fireplace between the two sections of the bar is used during the winter, but is sometimes a bit smoky, though it does make the place cosy & warm.

Beer: Hobson's beers: Full range, plus specials when brewed. Generally excellent.
March 20, 2013. Special brew called "Up And Down" was excellent, quite different taste from the other Hobson's beers.
Food: Specials board lists about 8 meals described as homemade. Price range from 6.50 up to 10 ish. Good value.
March 20, 2013: I tried the chicken & mushroom pie at 6.95. It was absolutely delicious. Well recommended.

Last visited: March 20th, 2013, Feb 21, 2018

Cleobury Mortimer - The Royal Fountain
DY14 8BS, Tel: 01299 270 177; website    
*** Important note: Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays and only opens evenings on the other days (March 2013) ****

Attractive old coaching inn. Comfortable and friendly with a peaceful garden area at the back. Perfect for a quiet drink and/or a tasty meal.

***  Note that the pub has changed hands at least once since my review in 2010 (below), so it may not be relevant anymore ***

Beer: 2 -3 ales always excellent
28-11-09: Ludlow Boiling Well & Ludlow Gold. I'd not tried Ludlow beers before, but they are superb. The Gold is really moorish.
16-1-10: Ludlow Gold & Wye Valley Butty Bach.
Excellent as ever!
27-3-10: Wye Valley Shropshire Lass & Butty Bach (I think). Excellent as usual.
Food: Excellent home-cooked food at a really good price; generous portions. Good selection of bar meals at 2 for 10. Recommended.

Last visited: March 27, 2010.

Cleobury Mortimer - The Talbot Hotel
DY14 8DQ , Tel: 01299 270 036; website

A 16th century coaching inn and hotel. Popular with young people in the evening and tending to have loud music playing inside at those times (on one of my visits anyway). Weekday lunchtimes, it is quiet and quite refined! Outside seating and limited parking at the front of the building. It used to serve Greene King ales, but now seems to offer a selection usually from mainly local breweries

Beer:  21/2/18: Wye Valley HPA, Sharp's Doom Bar (both very good)
Food: Served every day, lunchtime & evening.

Last visited: March 20, 2013, February 21, 2018

Highley - The Malt Shovel
Woodhill Road, WV16 6HT; Tel: 01746 862 550;

Unspoiled friendly traditional pub, with amazing views of the Clee hills. A hidden gem (literally). On the road out of (or into) Highley from Bridgnorth. When you see The Castle Inn [currently closed - March 2013], turn off behind the pub and down a short track to The Malt Shovel. Still has a Banks's sign outside, but is a free house. Parts of the building are believed to be 17th century and has been a pub since 1863.

Beer: 4-5 beers usually on.
30/3/13: Hobson's Best Bitter and Town Crier; Wood's Shropshire Lad; Slater's Top Totty; Wye Valley HPA.
                Tried the Wood's Shropshire Lad which was
Food: No sign of any available, apart from crisps etc. on my visit on Easter Monday.

Last visited: March 30, 2013

Highley - The Ship Inn
WV16 6NU; Tel: 01746 861 219; website

Attractive, friendly and welcoming 18th century pub right by the river near Highley (just past the station). Re-opened in June 2010 after major revamp.  Attractive interior, comfortable seating. Amazing fish tank feature. No annoying "background" music.

Beer: 4-5 beers usually on.
18/1/11: Brakspear's Oxford Gold; Hobson's Town Crier; Banks's Mild; Marston's Pedigree; The Ship Inn Ale (brewed by Marstons); 
The Oxford Gold & Ship Inn ale were
excellent; The Banks's Mild was OK, though rather bland in character.
9/4/13: same beers, but with Holden's Golden Glow, instead of the Ship Inn Ale. Oxford Gold was very good, but not outstanding.
Food: Home cooked food - quite a good selection in the 8-16 range. Sunday carvery 8

Last visited: April 9, 2013

Kinlet - The Eagle And Serpent
DY12 3BE; Tel: 01299 841 227

Really welcoming pub, plenty of places to sit. Real fire in the winter.  From my recent visit (March 2013), it seems the pub may have changed hands in the last couple of years. Gone is the rather insipid Banks's ale to be replaced by the excellent Hobson's beers. Otherwise, the pub has changed little and is cosy and friendly.

Beer: Enville Ale; Hobson's Town Crier, Mild; Wye Valley bitter (guest ale). All kept very well. 
30/3/13: Tried the Wye Valley Bitter: it was excellent.
Food: Still not tried but a very tempting aroma!

Last visited: March 30, 2013

Linley Brook - The Pheasant
WV16 4RJ; Tel: 01746 762 260;

A quiet comfortable 17th century country pub in idyllic surroundings. One of the few pubs left that feels like you are in a friend's house having a social drink. The landlord, landlady and regulars are friendly and chatty. The pub is so far away from any main road that it feels like another world.

*** Sadly, landlord Simon Reed closed the pub in March 2012 after 29 years, as a result of trade dropping below a sustainable level. It is unlikely to re-open as a pub and the future of the building is still under discussion; Mr Reed has applied for change of use to a residential property (i.e. a house) and it seems likely that this will now happen. (December 2012)****
The "Whatpub" website, updated late 2015 states that the change of use has been refused. If this is true, what is the council expecting? that someone else could make it work as a pub? Unlikely, in my opinion.

Beer: One or two ales available, varying all the time and always very well-kept.
Food: Good quality basic pub food, cooked to order by the landlord.

Quatford - The Danery
A442, 2 miles from Bridgnorth, WV15 6QJ; Tel: 01746 762 225; website

Unspoiled country pub, just off the A442 on what was the original road, before it was straightened.

Beer:  2 or 3 ales on tap, varying. Excellent
Food Excellent food in the 10-15 range, a set menu and specials board, with a Sunday roast at only 7.95. You may need to book for food at busy times.

Last visited: May 24th 2011

Stottesdon - The Fighting Cocks
DY14 8TZ; Tel: 01746 718 270; website

The sole pub in the village following the closure of The Fox and Hounds which brewed it's own excellent beer. The Fighting Cocks dates from the early 19th century and is a friendly cosy country pub with a real fire in the winter and serving excellent ales and filling meals. Attached to the pub is a tiny corner grocers/greengrocers run by the pub.

Beer: Hobsons Bitter & Twisted Spire; Purity Mad Goose; Ludlow Dark Knight. All tried and all excellent.
Food: Blackboard of interesting food, prices mainly 8-11 for main courses; specials at about 6; children's meals at about 4.
11/12/10: I had a special: pork, mushroom & vegetable "pot" (like a mixture between a stew and a soup) with garlic bread & potato wedges. It was very tasty, but needed a spoon (which was provided).

Last visited: December 11, 2010