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Len Lee

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Violin and saxophone.

Violinist (and occasional saxophonist) Len Lee was a member of Fred Elizalde's band at the Savoy Hotel in 1928, having previously played at the Empress Rooms (band name unknown). In the Early 1940s he was again at the Savoy, but under Carroll Gibbons direction and subsequently took part in a number of shows for ENSA. Unfortunately, that's all I can find out about him at the moment, but his grandson, Matthew, has provided me with some photographs which I have included here. NOTE: This is not Len Lees, drummer and vocalist with Arthur Rosebery's band.

Photos 1 & 2: Len Lee himself


Photo 3: Len is on the far left with his violin and a saxophone. The band and location are unidentified.


Photo 4: With Fred Elizalde's band on the steps of the Aberdeen New Palais de Danse in 1929.
My thanks to Nick Dellow for correcting the location and for adding more names of the musicians seen in the photo.
Left to right: Ronnie Gubertini, Nobby Knight, probably Max Farley, Ben Frankel, Len Lee (Tall gent in hat and hands in pockets), Billy Mason, Dixie Rollini, Bobby Davis, Mario Lorenzi, Jack Hill, Al Bowlly, Arthur Rollini, Adrian Rollini, Fred Elizalde (in front of Arthur Rollini), Len Fillis (seated in front). The two gents at the far right are unidentified and may not even be musicians in the band.

Photo 5: Len with Fred Elizalde's Band. Len is to the right of the piano, sitting down.
Standing, from left: George Hurley (violin), Nobby Knight (trumpet), Len Fillis (banjo/guitar), Norman Payne (trumpet), Mario Lorenzi (harp), Tiny Stock (bass), Chelsea Quealey (trumpet), Billy Mason (piano), Rex Owen, Phil Cardew, Bobby Davis, Harry Hayes (clarinets & saxophones), Adrian Rollini (bass sax and xylophone).
Sitting, from left: Ronnie Gubertini (drums), Al Bowlly (guitar and vocal), Fred Elizalde (at piano), Len Lee, Ben Frankel (violins).

Photo 6 taken in a garden: Len is third from the right at the back, with Ben Frankel looking over his shoulder and Tiny Stock (third from left in the back row).
Other possibles in this photo: Dick Ball (left at back), Emile Grimshaw (fourth from left in back row weariung light suit).
The location and band not known, but Nick Dellow reckons it could be a seaside town and it a gathering of some of the Elizalde band with some local musicians.

Photos 7 & 8: Young Len.

If you can help identify the bands and / or locations (or any of the musicians) in photographs 3, 4 or 6, please let me know.





My thanks to Matthew Lee for the photographs and information.      
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